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jam season: strawberry & raspberry / pineapple & lemon!

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It’s summer & it’s jam season … (There are years … I missed this somehow!)

So for jam season I tried a mix of strawberries w/ raspberries & lemon (zest & juice!). It turned out to be a very, very red jam w/ a sharp edge of lemon flavour!

I started like:

  • many, many ripe & juicy strawberries
  • some soft & flavorful raspberries
  • a tough & tart lemon …

… & afterwards I tried a slightly other mix which led to a more orange-red jam:

  • lots of ripe & juicy strawberries
  • a ripe pineapple
  • a lemon – also tough & tart.

So let’s prepare some summer jam …

The process doesn’t change much for both jams.

We start w/ the lemon:

  • grate the zest
  • press the juice.

Put all the raspberries & the lemon juice in a blender & blend until puréed (only some seconds!).

Sieve the raspberry purrée to identify all these nasty little pits – discard them.

Otherwise … we trim & dice the pineapple. Most of the pineapple & the lemon juice marche in the electric blender … (I reserved some pineapple bits for the jam, but you may also blend all of it.)

In each case of jam: add the lemon zest & the cleaned strawberries to the purée.

The fruit mix shall be exactly 1000 g – because we’ll add 1000 g preserving sugar (type 1:1).

After having let the fruit mess rest for 2-3 hours there will be a lot of juicy liquid. (It doesn’t matter if the sugar isn’t dissolved completely – it will do when cooking  …)

… & then: during the rest session you’ll have enough time to gather jam jars, clean them thoroughly w/ hot-hot water & a clean tea towel.

So put now the pot on the hot plate & bring it to a boil … Take care to take a big enough pot because the fruit mess tends to bubble when cooking …

When the mess starts bubbling let it cook for at least 4 min. Then hurry up to fill the hot mess in the waiting jam jars …

For each type of jam I managed to produce 7 jars w/ jam – each jar of 250 g.

jam season: strawberry – rasberry or pineapple – lemon
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Servings: 7 jam jars à 250 g for each jam
for the jam with raspberries:
  • 250 g raspberries
  • 1 organic lemon
  • about 1000 g strawberries raw material – not cleaned nor trimmed
  • 1000 g preserving sugar 1:1
for the jam with pineapple:
  • 350 g pineapple trimmed & diced
  • 1 organic lemon
  • about 1000 g strawberries raw material – not cleaned or trimmed
  • 1000 g preserving sugar 1:1
  • a pot of 6-7 l
  • a blender
how to:
  • Gather enough jam jars & clean them thoroughly w/ hot/boiling water & wipe them w/ a fresh & clean tea towel.
  • Grate the lemon zest & press out the lemon juice.
for the jam with raspberries:
  • Combine raspberries & lemon juice in a blender & blend for some seconds until all is pureed.
  • Sieve the puree to filter the pits; discard the pits.
  • Add lemon zest to the puree.
for the jam with pineapple:
  • Combine 250 g of the pineapple pieces & the lemon juice in a blender & blend for some seconds until all is pureed. (You may also puree all of the pineapple.)
  • Add remaining pineapple pieces (if there are any…) & lemon zest to the puree.
for both jams:
  • Clean & trim the strawberries; cut them into halves or quarters.
  • Add strawberries to the puree: you need 1000 g fruit mix. (It’s about 750 g resp. 650 g processed strawberries.)
  • Add the preserving sugar & let the mix rest for about 2-3 hours.
  • The sugar will liquefy the fruit mix.
  • Heat the fruit mix to boiling & cook at least for 4 min.
  • Fill the hot jam at once in the waiting jam jars, screw the lid on & turn upside down.
  • Let the jam cool down.
Prep Time & Cook Time: the rest time of 2-3 hours is not included. 
Prep Time: Allow 45 min for the jam with pineapple.
If you buy an ordinary pineapple (i. e. no baby pineapple nor a giant pineapple) you’ll get about 400 – 500g „fruit“ after having removed… So start w/ 1 pineapple, trim it, dice it & weigh 350 g pineapple fruit.
If you use 1000 g preserving sugar (type: 1:1) make sure that you prepare exactly 1000 g fruit mix.
If your jam jars are really neat & clean & you fill in the slightly off the boil jam & you screw the lid at once & turn the jam jars – the jam is fine for several months up to a year or even more. You need not store the jam jars in the fridge before opened.