… to the cathedral …

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Barcelona is a city of churches, of basilicas and a cathedral. My better half & I decided to make a trip to the cathedral.

Don’t mix it up: the cathedral is called La Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia. The famous modern church of Antoni Gaudí, La Sagrada Família (in short) or La Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, is only a basilica – as well as Santa Maria del Mar, only a minor basilica, famous by the novel & the Tv series.

Our trip started in Castelldefels where we boarded a suburban train which took us to Passeig de Grácia in less than 30 min. When leaving the station in the heart of Barcelona … there is a monument of Antoni Gaudí, La Casa Batlló.

We walked southward along boulevards lines w/ impressive buildings, 5 to 6 stories high w/ balconies and elaborate ornaments like classic townhouses. Here and there some modern construction melting in perfectly. It’s a mix of offices, shops, flats …

Finally we arrived at the L’Arc de Triomf opening into a long, garden like promenade …

Get the feeling for the vastness – and admire the magnificent street lights!

It ends at the entrance of a large park where somewhere the parliament of Catalonia is to be found.

However, we didn’t progress in this direction, but entered the famous quarter of Barri Gòtic, the Old Town of Barcelona. Almost at once you get lost in alleyways, admiring the fronts of the houses, the balconies … sometimes suddenly crossing an alleyway which is filled with shops and people …

Then suddenly there is one of the clock towers!

The cathedral is impressive and widespread w/ lots of interesting details & delicate ornaments.

It is possible to enter the roof of the cathedral and walk around getting some unique views of the neighborhoods. (You won’t need to climb dozens of steps – there is a lift!)

Of course: La Sagrada Familia isn’t far – at least it seems so.

The cathedral is not only a place of worship, but there is also a cloister integrated in the cathedral. Watch out for 13 white geese … living in the cloister in honor of Santa Eulàlia, a 13 year old saint, once caring for the geese of her family.

Before returning home … there is a bridge, El Pont de Bisbe aka the Bishop’s Bridge, connecting administration units – both are historical buildings. It reminds me of the Bridge of Sigh in Venice as well as this iconic bridge in Oxford which seems to appear in any crime series connected to Oxford.

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