looking back … tallinn 2019

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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Estonia is the most northern of the Baltic states.
(I think I should mention this at the very beginning because I noticed – more than once – that one or another of our bunch of family, friends, colleagues, neighbours … started frowning & mulling over like Where the hell is Tallinn?).

The most known facts about Tallinn are that it has one of the biggest & best preserved Old Town Quarters going back into the Middle Ages while at the same time Tallinn is a modern digital city on its way to its very own future in a digital country.

We stayed in Tallinn for 2 days filled w/ blue skies & lots of sunshine. 

So let’s now start w/ having a look over Old Tallinn:

There are many trees amid the old houses, the walls & the towers: Old Town almost seems to vanish under all the leaves.

… & here is the new Tallinn – also bathed in sunlight:

We concentrated mainly on the Old Town – it was fine weather, the temperatures approached 30° C … So it was a little exhausting walking on the cobblestones for some hours …

Nevertheless some impressions of medieval walls & towers:

Busy people at the gate to Old Town …

Next to the walls & towers there’s a world of spires – also bathed in sunlight & sparkling before a deep blue sky:

Did I mention the overall blue sky & the blazing sun?

We – more than once – decided to have some stop for recreation … Fortunately there are lots of cafés & bars where to sit & rest in the shade.

We made a (longer) walk to the palace built by the Russians (some centuries ago) … always in sunshine w/ blue skies above us …

… with the immaculate garden!

… & finally we explored the orthodox cathedral (also built by the Russians – long ago). This impressive cathedral is definitely made for sunshine & blue skies!

After such a lot of walking our last stop was always a rooftop bar w/ some refreshing Mojito … (or whatever)! We watched the sunset, the sky turning dark slowly …