la sagrada família – under construction …

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When living in Castelldefels we liked to got to Barcelona – as you already know. It’s only about 30 min by suburban train into the heart of Barcelona … and some minutes more on a metropolitan train to La Sagrada Família, this monumental modern basilica.

It’s impressive – simply impressive!

I’ve seen lost of cathedrals & basilicas – maybe I’m somewhat obsessed with these constructions. Most of them going back to the Middle Ages, always stunning because of their vastness & massiveness as well as their richness in architectural details and splendor.

Antoni Gaudí designed La Sagrada Família aka Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. Construction work started in 1882 – although Gaudi only 1883 became the leading architect. So it was sufficiently early to add Gaudi style all over the building.

It isn’t finished yet. It was planned to finish the main parts of the basilica until 2026 about 100 years after Gaudí’s death. However, … it’ll take some more years to end the under construction status.

Nevertheless it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is left to create?
18 spires are planned: in ascending order of height there are 12 spires for the apostles, 1 spire for Virgin Mary, 4 spires for the Evanglists and finally the tallest spire for Jesus Christ. Today … I estimate from a model that 4 spires (Apostels) have to be done as well as the completion of the tallest spire. (Not to mention details …) There are 3 elaborate façades – 2 are finished so far representing the tales of the Nativity (dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ) and the Passion (dedicated to the death of Jesus Christ). The most important façade for the Glory (dedicated to the celestial glory of Jesus Christ und the road to God) is under construction.

… & eventually La Sagrada Família will be the tallest church building in the world.

When strolling around the building you’ll get a first impression of the monument. It’s not only the height, but also all the details imbedded. Have a look … I could have filled galleries with details of the walls and spires.

When entering La Sagrada Família

Let’s start with the basics: you’ll need a ticket … I strictly recommend to buy the ticket online for your time slot to avoid the waiting line. Believe me: we made our ticket reservations online and could enter at once when our time slot started!

Inside La Sagrada Família there are … architectural and artistic details … it’s overwhelming.

(What’s also overwhelming are the visitors!)

I put together some photos of the light effects inside the building. On one side the glass changes fluently from red to orange to yellow … On the opposite side the colors blue and green dominate … And there are delicate window features combining the colors from both sides.

You may ascend 2 of the spires – by elevator with pre-reservation. (You have to walk down a spiral staircase – 300 steps!)

Get a feeling …

Of course I tried to capture the ceiling – at least at one point …

… and then there is the magic square of 33 (Jesus Christ was 33 years old) – another detail in this basilica full of surprises!