… from lighthouse to lighthouse …

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Imagine a sunny day in October …

My better half & I are in Port de Sóller (Mallorca) walking along the beachfront from lighthouse to lighthouse. (I’m honest: we made about 2 – 3 km each way …) You may catch sight of the lighthouses – they are somewhat isolated.

While the bay spoils us with a nice sandy beach, beyond the bay there is a rough coastline.

We started somewhere at the beach and climbed the eastern hill to the top – the lighthouse is beyond this point. Then we walked back to the beach and slowly crossed the bay until the western hillside came nearer. However, we didn’t make it to the top aka lighthouse.

On top of the hillside you get a fabulous view of the bay and the harbour. There are lots of small alleyways only designed for walking. (… just ignore the clouds: they appeared, they vanished!)

The harbour is filled with small ships/boats/wahatever – mainly for pleasure, but there are also some fishing boats.

The beachfront is filled with sandy beaches and lots of small cafés, bistros … restaurants.

When starting walking in the east you won’t see a glimpse of the opening to the sea. Only when you’ve mastered about half of the way there is suddenly … the view.

There is a broad seafront … and there is a tramline. (Watch out for the tracks in the photos below! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a decent photo …) It’s an old tram connecting Port de Sóller and Sóller.

When approaching the western side of the bay the opening vanishes … However, the bars and cafés, the bistros and the restaurants are as ubiquitous as before. So we could enjoy another break for coffee to a glas of wine while admiring the sea and the blue sky …

It was October … you may notice that all seems a little packed for winter. (It is – when returning in November we noticed that a lot of bars, cafés etc. had shut down.

Finally another view of the rocky coastline …

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