the sky above béziers

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The sky above Béziers is blue – really blue. Deep blue. With some nice fluffy white clouds …

We are now living in Sérignan, a village near Béziers, and one of our first trips we made to Béziers. We found a beautiful city – whatever you imagine when dreaming about Southern France.

There are some Grands Boulevards as I like to call them. The photo above shows the impressive buildings that line up along the avenues – always up to 5-6 stories high.

When strolling the city, however, we were bound to the brilliant sky and the skylines which I tried to capture in my photos …

Let yourself get amazed by the elaborate faces of the buildings, the meticulously appointed balcony railings, the delicate ornaments and the decoration in full. The broad avenues are lined with these masterpieces.

Finally we arrived at the cathedral, la Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire. Unfortunately most of the cathedral was under renovation … Next to it is the Le Palais de Justice (which doesn’t seem to have undergone a renovation so far – judging from the color of the walls). Nevertheless it’s an impressive cathedral (like all of these cathedrals in Southern France) perched on the edge of a cliff overviewing the river and the city and …

Another impressive church is L’Église de la Madeleine. Have a look from the rather vast place around … and from an alleyway when approaching the church.

The alleyways … there are the avenues and when leaving an avenue to the right or left you suddenly find yourself in a maze of traditional narrow alleyways – where you sometimes may get lost. They cover the route to the cathedral as well back, sometimes so narrow that no car may pass through.

So … when leaving the maze you end up near the cathedral or in an avenue or … at Les Halles (last photo). It’s a really impressive space with the usual shops and stalls brimming over with fruit & vegetables, meat & ham & sausages, cheese, wine, pastries, bread … We always like to stroll along and admire the delicacies – with the chance of having a spontaneous snack in a corner.

Once more an elaborate building under the blue sky of Béziers!

This won’t be our last visit to Béziers. It’s the next shopping paradise to Sérignan – and there are always special items which need a short drive to Béziers accompanied with some chilling in a café on an avenue …

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