saissac & a flat quiche

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We are still in Southern France in the region of Carcassonne …

Saissac means – first of all – Le Château de Saissac resp. the medieval fortifications i. e. the ruins of it. (You may walk the site – unfortunately we went on a weekday when it was closed. So we’ll come back soon.)

The ruins are surrounded by a village as ancient as the site – and furthermore there are some sorts of more modern suburban areas (which we didn’t touch).

So, with the ruins closed … we walked the village … (more about steep and narrow alleyways later in this post).

Later at home I created a flat quiche for dinner based on the tiny kitchen and its essential equipment. Have a look at leftovers …

It looks delicious & it was delicious (& I look forward to devouring the leftovers).

I got the idea when I found a glass tart pan appropriate for any tarts (if sweet, if savory), frittatas … and a flat quiche. Considering the basic conditions it meant – generally spoken – to work with ready-to-use ingredients.

However, now back to the ruins.

The fortification is set on the edge of some cliff with a narrow entrance path which is governed by the village. You may get an idea about about the steepness of the area where the village is sitting.

There are some more fortifications around the village: some towers remained … one of them housing a museum nowadays. Houses, doors and windows – and steep and narrow alleyways (sometimes even stairs) led you imagine how it was centuries ago. Today – as far as I could see – modernisations have been made … & I think inside the old dwelling there is modern life.

What about my flat quiche?

I worked with:

  • a ready-to-use shortcrust pastry
  • 100 g bacon as lardon sans fumeur (already cut into pieces)
  • 100 g grated Comté
  • 200 g crème fraîche
  • 4 eggs.

… & some salt & pepper.
(In general: it’s the same list of ingredients as always …)

I preheated the oven to 175° C fan & oiled the glass tart pan – slightly.

The bacon was cooked for about 5 min.

I rolled out the pastry & fitted it into the tart pan. Then I added the bacon & the grated cheese.

I mixed the eggs & the crème fraîche & poured it all over the bacon & cheese.

The tart pan marched into the preheated oven for about 30 min … voilà!

We had a simple salad of lamb’s lettuce with the quiche.

(When talking about my tiny kitchen – it means: no scales, no measuring jug, no rolling pin, no cheese grater, no electric mixer … I rely mainly on store-bought ingredients, ready-to-use … Of course it works!)

Another view of Le Château de Saissac – you may imagine what great outlook you have on top of the site.

… & there are also the Pyrenees … far away … still snow-covered …

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keep it simple. be flexible. always.