looking back … the art of lounging in rhodes 2021

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All of you may have noticed by now that in 2021 my better half & I went to Rhodes … unfortunately only for a week!

What did we plan to do?

We planned to relax, to enjoy delicious food, to swim, to do some sightseeing … It is always difficult, especially when only on holidays for a week, to do all the things you plan – and normally you even dream about more. Furthermore all of you know that time flies continuously, your list is still filled w/ activities and suddenly it’s time to think about packing your bags and get your Corona tests done.

So … what did we do?

… and how much time was left for lounging?

At first we decided to stay at our hotel for at least 2 days to get empowered and fill up our energy levels. We explored the area of our hotel and the neighborhood. A little walk. This didn’t took too much time. So we had time to … read, to listen to music, to have extensive breakfasts, even more extensive happy hours … time to swim or just take a sunbath (not too long!).

We rented a car – twice – and made visits to Old Town Rhodes and a trip across the island. From former holidays we know that’s always better to start activities only when some sort of relaxing has occurred beforehand.

In the morning we enjoyed breakfast al fresco in the restaurant where also dinner was served. Because of Corona times the neighborhood didn’t offer many chances for eating out – actually no chances at short distance. Fortunately our hotel had an excellent restaurant …

This parade of fresh herbs is cultivated in the restaurant area and is used in the dishes served. As a whole it was a casual experience where you liked to stay after breakfast for another nice coffee resp. one of today’s coffee products created by one of these exceptional machines who conquer the world since some years resp. decades.

During the day we enjoyed the blue sky and the pool area – there is more than a single pool.

From our room we stepped onto a patio with sunloungers and beyond was the pool. We could easily step into the water and swim. So during the day we could sit on our patio, reading, listening to music or internet entertainment, take a sunbath, take a swim …

Is this the art of lounging?

Later on we walked to the bar for a coffee, a snack, some beer or a glass of wine. The bar area was shadowy and airy with wonderful views of the rocks. You could sit and watch the sky and the palms for hours with a continuous supply of anything.

Did we really feel relaxed?

So what?

The important idea of lounging is just to learn to do nothing while doing quite a lot. However, just do whatever you like at the moment. When do you have the chance to live like this? Only during a holiday trip. Even if you do a day trip by car don’t stress yourself by thinking what you might visit during the tour. You won’t miss anything. Just relax and enjoy.