looking back … rhodes 2021

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This is the Acropolis of Rhodes … The still upright columns are the remains of the Temple of Apoll. Halfway to the Acropolis there are the remains of the Theatre – and the village at the bottom. (Fyi: we didn’t clamber up to the top – therefore there are no photos of the ruins.)

As you know by now my better half & I spent a week in Rhodes. We not only made a trip to Old Town Rhodes, but we also roamed the island – starting mid-morning & returning in the afternoon. It was a hot day filled with admiring the island, the ragged mountains, all the ruins that we encountered and all the small villages with their treasures (… and some coffee and beer stops). We drove south along the east coast & went north along the west coast. Finally we crossed the island roughly at the middle for coming back home.

Most of the time we enjoyed the blue sea, the glittering sun & the blue sky.

It was the month just after Greece had opened the islands the summer season – so there weren’t many people around. Most of the hotels – as well as restaurants – were still in the renovation modus i. e. closed. When on tour it meant that there were no traffic jams, no shortage of parking spaces (we are not near Old Town Rhodes!) … sometimes nobody on the road at all.

This is the (mainly) gravel beach near our hotel … empty. There weren’t any umbrellas or sunloungers – maybe the equipment will appear later when more tourists will also appear. Nevertheless it’s just idyllic.

The next bay in the south also revealed emptiness & gravel … however: isn’t the blue just awesome?

Can you feel the sun? The heat?

We stopped at the next village & strolled around. Picturesque homes displaying white & blue …

Somewhat further in the south the Castle of Feraklos watches over a small bay. (We didn’t climb the hill.) Once it was a fortification of the Knights of St. John – until the Knights had to leave Rhodes after the victory of the Turks. The castle itself was never destroyed by the invaders.

Finally we approached Lindos and the Acropolis – of Rhodes resp. of Lindos. It’s a rather vast site with many a ruin, a nice village and a beach. The village is popular with tourist as our travel guide stated.

We didn’t continue to the southernmost point of Rhodes … (It would have been an one-way-tour: down and back!) Instead we crossed the island towards the west coast. In this part of Rhodes there are only few hotels and restaurants. We drove through groves with olive trees, along fields growing vegetables and watched goats, lots of goats.

Finally a view of the west coast … This transcendental blue …

The Castle of Monolithos – another fortification of the Knights of St. John which was also never conquered was our next point of interest. Only the centuries demolished the structure.

(Of course, we didn’t clamper to the top …) I really admire the people who mastered the construction of this fortification centuries ago.

Amid the ruins there is a chapel – a white chapel. You get a hint of the winding stairs up to the top?

Afternoon approached and we decided to return. Between us and our hotel were hills and mountains – up to about 1000 m. So we crossed the island once again, going up and down, hairpin bends here and there – it was fun driving through the lonely inner part of Rhodes.

There were small villages with white and colorful homes …

… and more colorful churches!

Once again the vast blue sea …