looking back … high tatras 2018

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Finally my better half & I returned from Košice in Slovakia. Our last weekend … well, we had decided to spend it in the mountains (aka High Tatras).

We had sunshine & fog as well during the same weekend!

So here’s our trip adventure in 6 phases …

Phase #1:
During September in Košike we had fine weather w/ temperatures about 25-30° C for almost 3 weeks. For our last weekend colleagues at work recommended to go into the High Tatras to the small village Štrbské Pleso with a nice lake almost at 1.400 m.
It was about mid of September & we checked the weather forecast saying that it should be about 25-30° C in Košice & about 20° C in Štrbské Pleso for the next fortnight – so we booked train tickets & made a hotel reservation.

Phase #2:
About 4 days before we planned to start to Štrbské Pleso the weather forecast suddenly predicted a hard drop in temperature for the upcoming weekend: for Košice it should be about 15° C while in Štrbské Pleso about 10° C & less was to be expected.
What to do? Cancelling the reservation?
We discussed it & decided to go.

Phase #3:
Some preparations became obvious …
Friday afternoon – while the weather forecast insisted on low temperatures for the weekend – we went to a shopping mall & bought some weatherproof jackets and nice & warm socks. In Košice we had about 28° C at this moment & we had an al fresco dinner in the evening.

Phase #4:
The temperature drop hit hard: it was cold on Saturday morning in Košike – about 13° C.
We started our train journey transferring us from 200 m above sea level to about 900 m about sea level …

… then we jumped onto a cog railway for the last 500 m altitude difference.

When arriving it was about 10° C & foggy – humid & cold & foggy.
We went to our hotel, put on warm clothing & went for a short walk.

At least the ducks on the lake seemed unperturbed by the weather.

We moved back to our cozy hotel & plunged into the swimming pool (an indoor pool, of course!). Later we had an excellent dinner & hoped for the next day!

Phase #5:
Sunday morning the fog was gone.
Some blue sky appeared & some white clouds dashes along the sky at about 10° C.

It got even better during the morning …

We walked around the lake & into the village…

It was cold, but we enjoyed walking (i. e. not hiking!) & were happy that we didn’t cancel the trip some days before.

Yeah – we had an absolutely brilliant Sunday with more pool plunging in the late afternoon & another excellent dinner!

Phase 6:
Monday morning … well:
Again it was really cold, foggy, rainy, some tiny snowflakes in the air … about 8° C …

Good bye to High Tatras …

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