key lime ice

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At the moment the weather turns towards autumn & winter rapidly, but after dinner a ball of creamy ice cream is just fine – even when already dark after 7 pm, the heating slowly starting to do its duty … lounging on a comfy sofa watching some movie …

To some extent ice cream is bound to seasons especially when working w/ fresh fruit like strawberries … Otherwise there is fruit available all years long like most citrus fruits. So on the brink of the dark months I envisioned to do something with …

Remember Key Lime Pie? It’s a classic dessert from Florida … & some time ago I tried my special version. (My special version then: I skipped the fresh eggs & the meringue – nevertheless it was delicious. (Also my version w/ lemons – for limes – was fine!))

So now it’s key lime ice cream. You may guess what it’s like …

This is a view of autumn’s world & an approach to sweeten the season, however, there is also another view resp. approach: let’s escape!

My better half & I went on a relax trip to a Mediterranean island – have a look … At our doorstep there is a lemon tree, in the background there is sun & blue sky … Some how it fits into my ice cream making.

So before starting w/ some notes about our trip I’d like to share my latest ice cream adventure!

Maybe you think that it’s a little too late for any ice cream in autumn, but I think ice cream is an all-year delicacy. It’s a perfect dessert taking almost no time – only patience until it’s frozen.

Of course at home I worked w/ limes, organic limes … because I used the zest as well as the juice.

The main flavor agent are these organic limes. I had 4 of them. (At 1st I pondered about the quantity – should I go for 6 limes? More about this later.)

I don’t have an ice cream maker – so it’s always no-churn ice cream.

Let’s start!

What do we need …

  • condensed milk
  • Greek yoghurt
  • organic limes
  • digestives.

The organic limes are cleaned & the zest is scraped off. Afterwards press the limes for the juice. Then discard the rest.

Plain digestives are crushed w/ help of a bag & the rolling pin. It isn’t necessary to crush the digestives into minuscule crumbs!

Sweetened condensed milk & Greek yoghurt are whipped until well combined. Lime zest & lime juice are added – & finally the crumbled digestives.

In a freezer proof container just pour in the mess, close the lid & put it in your freezer for about 4 h. While chilling in the cold stir the mess 3-4 times.

… & you’ll get a creamy mess somewhat sweet, but also slightly acid w/ crumbs of digestives all over the mess. It reminds me more of a key lime cheesecake than a simple ice cream.

Concerning the amounts:

  • 4 limes are fine for me. If you like a stronger lime touch just work w/ the zest of 5-6 limes or w/ some more lime juice. I got 6 tbsp lime juice out of my 4 limes – so add 1-2 tbsp.
  • Of course you might substitute whipped cream (stiffly whipped!) for Greek yoghurt.
  • Of course you might add some sugar; stay w/ icing sugar. My better half & I … we like it just w/ condensed milk (enough sweetness for us!).
  • I had 8 digestives … a lot of crumbs. If you like less just work w/ 6 digestives. (I don’t recommend to use more than 8 …).


key lime ice
Prep Time4 hrs 15 mins
Servings: 8
  • 400 g condensed milk (1 can)
  • 250 g Greek yoghurt
  • 120 g digestives (8 pieces – crushed)
  • 4 organic limes (juice & zest)
how to:
  • Clean the limes; grate the zest & press the juice.
  • Crush the digestives.
  • Mix everything & fill it in a freezer proof container.
  • Freeze in your freezer for about 4 h. Mix 3-4 times.
Prep Time: It’s 15 min for preparing the ice mess and 4 h for freezing.
The ice cream is fine after about 4 h of freezing: it’s creamy, but like ice cream should be. If you let it rest any longer in your freezer it’ll get rather tough (i. e. firm, hard …). Before serving the container shall stand the chance to adjust to room temperature. My experience: it needs about 20-30 min the get creamy ice cream!

(information on equipment)

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