avocado goes for dressing…

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Potato salad is down-to-earth… so down-to-earth… Time to get it dressed to kill by adding an avocado dressing!

Potatoes are year-round vegetables & avocados are on their way. What do you think of replacing mayonnaise and/or double cream and/or sour cream by a real heap of mashed avocado?


Deliciously Ella proposed the idea of using avocado for dressing some months ago – I tried it in a mixed potato salad.

Let’s go for it!

What do we need for a fresh potato salad?

There are:

  • boiled potatoes
  • cherry or plum tomatoes
  • (some) cucumber
  • spring onions
  • (some) cress
  • (some) arugula
  • avocado
  • (some) sour cream.

Of course we don’t need a whole fresh cucumber: about 4-5 cm of it will do perfectly.

To drain the cucumber water (which might make our potato salad dressing runny when waiting to be served) add some salt to the chopped cucumber, wait about 5 min & squeeze the cucumber bits thoroughly.

Afterwards just chop the boiled potatoes, the spring onions & the tomatoes.

Peel the avocado & discard the pit. Cut the avocados into pieces & add the sour cream as well as salt & pepper.

Chop the arugula & the cress.

Mix all the ingredients for the potato salad.

Mash the avocado & whip the avocado-sour cream-mess & add it to the potato salad…


& mix thoroughly!

That’s it!


avocado goes for dressing...
Potato salad is down-to-earth... so down-to-earth... Time to get it dressed to kill by adding an avocado dressing!
Prep Time20 mins
for the potato salad:
  • about 200 gr boiled potatoes peeled
  • 2 spring onions
  • about 5 cm of a fresh cucumber
  • 5 cherry OR plum tomatoes
  • 1/2 packet cress
  • 25 gr arugula a handful
  • salt & pepper
for the dressing:
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice a dash
  • 2 tbsp sour cream OR mayonnaise
  • salt & pepper
how to:
  • Cut the cucumber into pieces & add salt & mix.
  • After about 5 min just squeeze the cucumber bits to drain the water - discard the water.
  • Chop the potatoes & the tomatoes & the spring onions & the arugula & the cress.
  • Mix everything.
  • Peel the avocado & discard the pit.
  • Add lemon juice & sour cream (or mayonnaise).
  • Mash everything & whip into a creamy dressing.
  • Add salt & pepper.
  • Add dressing to potato salad & mix thoroughly.
Prep Time: It's w/o boiling the potatoes.
Serving Size: It's 4 servings as a starter or 2 for main course (replacing any other vegetables like mashed potatoes, rice, pasta...).
Cucumber: Draining the water prevents the dressing from getting runny before serving.
Lemon juice: Adding some lemon juice prevents the avocado from oxidation (i. e. getting brown).
The potato salad may be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Ok: it’s beginning of January – spring is quite far away, but doesn’t the potato salad’s ingredients look like spring is round the corner? Especially the spicy green stems & leaves of arugula & cress create a really fresh taste.

There are 4 servings making an appropriate starter – or 2 servings as a companion to some roast or sausages or Frankfurter…

…or if there is a buffet just arrange little bowls w/ potato-avocado salad.

I made this potato salad w/ some leftover boiled potatoes… You may prepare a bigger salad (e. g. 8 starters or 4 main course companions) by just doubling the amounts.


The businesswoman with too many office hours thinks

So it seems that all has to be done in a single process: no preparation in advance (aka potato salad 1 day before & dressing later…). I think I can manage this.

The avocado is a thrilling alternative to simple mayonnaise or sour cream!
(My next buffet may get a new highlight…)



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