limoncello ladyfingers… after a 24h chill!

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It’s summer & it’s hot: it’s the season for preparing another alternative to the classic cocoa powdered tiramisu – a fresh one, a light one, one w/ overpowering lemon flavour!

It’s summer & it’s hot: it should be a fast & easy preparation marching the results straight to the fridge for chilling.



…& because of the high temperature I skipped cracking raw eggs for using the raw egg yolks for the mascarpone cream once more: I mixed mascarpone w/ whipped cream instead.

Let’s gather whatever we need…



There are:

  • crispy, crunchy ladyfingers
  • limoncello
  • lemon curd
  • whipping cream w/ some sugar
  • mascarpone
  • finely chopped pistacchios

…& a big rectangular bowl.

We start w/ whipping the whipping cream until stiff (use your handheld electric mixer!). You may add some tablespoons sugar before whipping; I confine myself to the amount of 2 because I don’t like it too sweet in the end.

Then we continue by mashing the mascarpone w/ a fork while incorporating some limoncello. The stiff whipped cream comes on top & is also incorporated.



This time I decided to use a rectangular bowl for my wannabe tiramisu. I had 24 ladyfingers so I decided to use 12 for each layer – unfortunately only 11 resp. 10 fitted. (Don’t care – it’s fine! Just prepare an espresso, refuel yourself by indulging in ladyfingers soaked w/ hot espresso…)

Carefully sprinkle each ladyfinger w/ some limoncello – carefully: don’t drown them!

Afterwards distribute about half of the mascarpone mix over the ladyfingers.



Whip the lemon curd somewhat to soften it. (If you like you may also add some limoncello – I didn’t.) Distribute the lemon curd & create a thin layer. Then start w/ your 2nd layer of ladyfingers…



After having soaked the ladyfingers w/ limoncello as carefully as before hide everything under the rest of the mascarpone mix & sprinkle all of the finely chopped pistacchios on top.




You should store the mess for at least for 2-3 h in your fridge. Then you may start w/ a sharp knife cutting smart smaller or bigger squares of deliciousness for yourself, you better half, your friends & family…





limoncello ladyfingers... after a 24h chill!
This is another approach to Tiramisu! This time we use a rectangular bowl, lots of limoncello and lemon curd to be layered with a mix of mascarpone and whipped cream topped with finely chopped green pistacchios. Create small squares of deliciousness!
Prep Time20 minutes
  • about 20-24 ladyfingers about 200 g
  • 4 + 2 tbsp limoncello
  • 2 tbsp lemon curd
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 250 g whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • about 25 g finely chopped pistacchios
  • a handheld electric mixer
how to:
  • Whip the whipping cream & the sugar until stiff w/ your handheld electric mixer.
  • Mix mascarpone w/ 2 tbsp limoncello (w/ a spoon!).
  • Fold in all the stiff whipped cream.
  • Take a square bowl.
  • Line 10-12 ladyfingers on the bottom.
  • With a teaspoon add some drops of limoncello to each ladyfinger.
  • Add a generous layer of mascarpone mix (about 50% of the mix).
  • Add some lemon curd & distribute in a thin layer.
  • Add another layer of 10-12 ladyfingers.
  • Add once again limoncello to the ladyfingers w/ a teaspoon.
  • Add another generous layer of mascarpone mix (all the rest of the mix).
  • Sprinkle w/ chopped pistacchios.
  • Store in the fridge for about 24 h.
I recommend to chill the mess in the fridge for about 24 h. You may prepare the mess & serve it only some hours later, however, the ladyfingers will be crunchy then. After a chilling session of 24 h in your fridge the ladyfingers will be soft because they soaked up all the liquid around.
Ladyfingers: I uses 10 ladyfingers per layer because of the size of my bowl. It’s also using up to 12 when your bowl is a little larger.
Servings: It’ll be 6 large pieces of the mess, 8 regular pieces of the mess & up to 12 very small pieces. You may cut the mess as you like resp. need.
Anyway: always store the mess in your fridge! You may leave it there for at least 3-4 days.


(information on equipment)


What happens to the crispy, crunchy ladyfingers?



When storing the mess in your fridge the ladyfingers will soak up more & more liquid getting more & more soft, however, slowly. After about 2-3 h when the whole mess is wonderfully chilled the ladyfingers will still be rather crispy & crunchy.

After having chilled the mess overnight or let’s say about 24 h the ladyfingers will be soft. However, we didn’t drown anything in liquid… so the ladyfingers won’t get mushy or squishy or slushy…



Btw it’s much easier to produce these cute little squares if the ladyfingers are soft!

My bowl may deliver – by its size – about 6 big pieces of the lemon-limoncello tiramisu. I think for the regular size you may cur about 8 pieces… & well, if you like to entertain a big party you may also cut up to 12 pieces…



For the record:
I used the term limoncello throughout my post. According to my online translator limoncello is the general Italian term for lemon liqueur. Sometimes you’ll also find the label „lemoncello“, although I didn’t find this in my online dictionary I think it’s the same.



The Businesswoman w/ too many office hours thinks

So I can prepare a big bowl of this delicious, fresh looking tiramisu w/ lemon & limoncello about 1 day ahead of any party or BBQ or whatever get-together I may plan. Just combine the ingredients & let it rest in the fridge.

Fine w/ me.



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