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When our stay in Mallorca came near its end we decided to do – finally – a trip into the mountains: Serra de Tramuntana.

Our first stop was Lluc with its church and monastery – however, the first impression you’ll get is the big parking ground and the services. Obviously it’s a place popular with tourists and locals; we learnt that it is an established venue for workshops etc. all years round (… and there are more cafés, restaurants …)

It was beginning of November and the weather was fine – at least when we started our trip. Fine means almost 20° C, blue sky & some nice white clouds, only small ones … This was in the morning.

When approaching the mountains it got cloudy & foggy. The blue sky made himself scarce … Some raindrops came down … So our photos became a mix of nice weather and not quite so nice weather … in the background.

We are at a height of about 500 m – some peaks are towering above us. The clouds are embracing the peaks.

Later we dived into this mess, mastering the often narrow, always winding road across Serra de Tramuntana. When finally arriving at Port de Sóller the blue sky reappeared and we had finally a nice walk along the beachfront.

However, now we are into the church and the monastery of Lluc. The fountain is in the garden leading to the monastery.

Due to some exhibition (we assumed so!) there were lots of statues all around the garden and the entry grounds

Inside the main area resp. building there are long corridors leading to inner courtyards … with more statues … and finally to the door of the church.

Lluc is famous for its Black Madonna (see below), accompanied by elaborate pieces of art and a gorgeous dome.

We stayed quite a while at Lluc having also a late morning café con leche. Finally we moved along deeper into Serra de Tramuntana.

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