savoury delights

toast & spinach & egg

Hungry? Crispy toast … a creamy spinach-cheese-bacon mess … a baked egg still soft … Sometimes when it’s only me & myself for lunch I like to prepare some simple toast: easy to assemble, fast to prepare, but appeasing my appetite w/o working like a stone in my stomach afterwards. (Furthermore these toasts are also welcome for my better half & me during weekend breakfasts … in varying designs.) All starts always w/ a nice…

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salads savoury delights

green peas & green spinach leaves

It’s mid of November: all over the internet food blogs indulge in Xmas cookies, Xmas cakes, Xmas whatever – Xmas dinner suggestions didn’t surface until now. I’m not so ready for this Xmas business at the moment … I think some fresh & easy to prepare weeknight dinner is also appropriate. I also didn’t start any Xmas baking so far. I’m not in Xmas mood so early in November – although everywhere in food stores…

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