sweet delights

oranges in cake

I told you that I got a new toy. For my 1st baking adventure I stuck to the rules, however, now it’s time to adjust. At least a little! So: What are oranges in cake? For the orange I worked with: (Of course you may substitute orange juice for orange liqueur, although he flavor will change a little.) … & what is the ultimate partner of orange flavor? It’s dark chocolate. The result was simply…

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savoury delights

vhm loaf

Dieser Beitrag enthält Werbung – advertising.   To disclose the vhm shortcut: v is vegetables, h is herbs & m is meat. We are preparing a classic meat loaf w/ lots of vegetables & lots of fresh Mediterranean herbs: a meat loaf you may enjoy hot, warm or cold as well.     I got my inspiration from this cookbook* out of the foodblogger’s universe which combines traditional German cooking w/ Mediterranean flavors…    …

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