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We were stuck … in a little paradise!

Mallorca – we rented a guest house near Santa Maria del Cami and we were delighted from the 1st moment. It’s a calm (called La Calma) and relaxed residence with a spacious guest house, patios, a Mediterranean style balcony, a pool … open living on the ground floor. It was really quiet around us – except of some natural voices and sounds.

Last Sunday we were stuck.

Our holiday home is located on a country road, just wide enough that 2 cars (small to medium!) may pass from different directions. No foot-walk (we are in bucolic Spain!). On each side of the country road there like to be solid stonewalls (we are in bucolic Spain!). In general it’s no problem to reach our holiday home, but last Sunday the road was closed. So there was no in-or-out for us (and all the other residents).

It was Mallorca 312, a Jedermannrennen, meaning a yearly cycle racing for anybody. I read in the newspaper about it. Some facts: about 4.500 cyclists starting at about 7 am in Platja de Muro (in the northeast of Mallorca), returning latest 9 pm to the same point, may choose among 3 circuit (312 km, 225 km, 167 km).

… and our country road was part of the cycling event (all options!) – therefore closed from 9 am to 4 pm.

That’s why we were stuck.

To get an impression of the preparations … (During the days before we always stumbled across cyclists anywhere – obviously practicing – also after the event these groups of cyclists didn’t vanish into thin air … & raced down the country roads all day long. I never noticed any ordinary cyclists – no racing bikes, no racing outfit …)

My better half & I discussed … (no – we didn’t discuss how to participate!) what to do on Sunday. Either we could leave somewhat before 9 am into the south of Mallorca and return somewhat after 4 pm … (watching the cycle racing wasn’t an option!). Or we just stayed indoors i. e. on the premises. We opted for the last.

So all we experienced from Mallorca 312 was on-and-off-again some cheering and clapping … (Our premises are surrounded by a solid high wall (as customary in Mallorca) – so no accidental watching of the cyclists.)

Let’s have a look at our holiday home!

It’s a beautiful location and we felt good & cosy all the time.

We made it to the pool – and into the pool. The sun achieves warming up about 10 cm of water on the surface. Underneath it’s cold – ok: we’re in October! However, swimming is fine although restricted to 15-20 min.

There are lemon trees & orange trees with lots of fruit.

The last photo above shows some sort of grey sky: October does not only boast w/ dark blue skies & some nice white clouds. There are serious clouds & rain & storm.

The big palm tree in the garden shows strikingly how the storm (it was the morning after a rainy & stormy evening & night) acts.

Our holiday home is furnished in a clean & sober style which we like. Some accents show Spanish resp. Mallorcan influence displaying typical colorful structures.

When walking around the premises there are lots of nice spots inviting you to take photos. It is a well maintained area.

Coming now to our housemates (only the non-humans!).

Our morning alarm is reliable: there are 2 masters (a black one & a white one) roaming the premises, announcing their presence each morning – and her entourage. The entourage takes care of fresh eggs.

… & there are the sheep – just for entertaining. (They like to escape from their field!)

Of course someone is challenged to maintain order: it’s the dog, always busy w/ guarding the big entrance gate, chasing the sheep, sleeping on our doormat, chasing the chickens, taking another nap …

… & finally there is the supervisor acting in the background, totally black, absolutely fast … Nothing escapes her.

So we are spending out time in a beautiful guest house surrounded with a large garden and accompanied by some animals on occasion. That’s our background … against this we roam Mallorca from the north to the south, from the east to the west … It’s an island, however, a rather large island w/ lots of interesting & beautiful spots to be found.
(Watch this blog – there will be more coming soon!)

Finally a slightly blurry sundown shot from our roof … from our little paradise!

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