the heat & le château

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1st of all:
It’s August & it’s hot. There’s a heat wave embracing Germany. We’re experiencing about 34° – 36° C since more than a week now.

2nd -ly:
About 3 weeks ago we booked a short weekend trip to a hotel near Maastricht: a château renovated & made into a hotel with wellness etc. & restaurant. At this point in time we didn’t imagine any heat so intense. We started collecting ideas what to do in Maastricht & its vicinity.


Have a look at the beautiful main building of Le Château & the church (see photo above)!
There are adjoining buildings around: all transformed into hotel rooms & facilities.


Of course the heat wave also embraced Belgium & the Netherlands.

At the end we enjoyed our stay at Le Château walking the gardens, having a glass of witbier (a special beer brewed in Belgium & the Netherlands), shooting photos of lots of objets d’art scattered in the gardens, having another glass of witbier, just relaxing in the shade … All further ideas & plans got killed rather quickly – except …

Despite of the heat in the evening we had dinner al fresco in one of courtyards. The restaurant was excellent, the rosé wine was fresh & invigorating, cheeses & espressos perfected the dinner.

It was a relaxing weekend!


(… so far … unfortunately the heat wave resulted in a heavy, heavy thunderstorm w/ a downpour the next evening after having come home … our basement was happy to store some of the water … (we were definitely not!). Fortunately only the laundry was flooded (about 7 – 8 cm). So you may make an educated guess what we were busy with next morning!)



No – this isn’t an Easter egg which survived the redecoration. It’s one of the colorful objets d’art.


For the record:
All objets d’art are obviously for sale. The prices are about 4-5 digits – so far beyond our financial horizon. Not to mention that we don’t have a garden large enough to exhibit anything so large.


Voilà: a selection of objets d’art … (more will appear on Instagram sooner or later!)

A cat may not be absent on an estate like Le Château.
(There are also live cats around!)



A portrayal of love – by heart & by torso.



This might be a goddess …



No livestock around, but some elaborately bolted & welded masterpiece!
(… & there are more all over the lawns!)



A shiny scorpion? Or part of it?



Finally a unicorn …



As usual in feudal times the gardens are landscaped: bushes are trimmed into cubes (or spheres) & a rose completes the picture.



The gardens are spacious: natural gates lead you in other worlds of Le Château.



This tree, a weeping willow, reminded me of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. (Of course, the weeping willow in the novel is much larger …)



… & you always get back to main view of Le Château!

(Reminder: the emptiness of the grounds is due to the heat!)



Another gate into the gardens …



… w/ elaborate details!



At the end: a tribute to our friends w/ 4 paws!



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