sun & sand & ocean

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We are back from a fortnight trip to Zandvoort in the Netherlands. We stayed in an apartment in front of the beach, walked along the beach, enjoyed the sun & the sand & all the beach bars. (Yes – there are lots of beach bars allowing an extensive beach bar hopping all day long …)

The sky was blue, the sun was blazing, the sand was fine & warm – almost as if walking along a beach at the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to the tides the beach was small & wide at the same day – also the weather changed according to the tides. I cannot remember a single day when the sun and the blue clear sky weren’t active at least for 4-6 hours although it was sometimes rather stormy. (Also meaning that sometimes there were grey skies and sudden showers … it’s the Channel coast.)

It was end of July, but the beach was rather empty. We enjoyed it to the full – just imagine to get your favorite table at the beach bar at once.

What did we do?

We enjoyed the beach & chilled. We also enjoyed the ocean view from our apartment & chilled with a glass of wine. Walking along the beach, dipping our feet into the water, accompanied by seagulls …

What else did we do?

We made a day trip to Amsterdam; it’s only 30min by train.

We also made a day trip to Haarlem (10 min by train) …

So … we were busy, but it was very relaxing! (Remember The Art of Lounging!)

We took photos … (Most of the action is already on my Instagram.)

We ate lots of fish, fried fish … and some simple pasta dishes when staying at our apartment.

… and we watched Netflix …
A relaxed holiday demands some drama series: we found Virgin River and couldn’t stop following the fateful events in this picturesque small village in Northern California. It is overwhelming: death and birth, accidents, attacks, marriage & divorce, fires, haunting events of the past coming back … love, love is everywhere … (The 3rd season closes with some silly cliffhangers!)

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