ruby’s eat up & tomato sauce

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How many ways to prepare tomato sauce?
(Remember my posts on tomato sauce & on tomato sauce & prospective ones coming…)

Today we take a look at a basic recipe, maybe the most basic at all – nevertheless a delicious affair…



Why do we do this? I’ve found a new book* on food:


(On my my cookbook page  you’ll find more by Ruby Tandoh & her passion for baking.)

Her new book is on food & eating against the background of modern diets – I think of the fashionable ones. The book present only very few recipes – one is a basic tomato sauce.

Ruby Tandoh didn’t develop this recipe. I stumbled upon it earlier on Smitten Kitchen where there are lots of interesting ideas for creating tomato sauces. Originally the recipe is from Marcella Hazan’s „Essentials of Italian Cooking“ (published 1992). Marcella Hazan is said to be on a par w/ Julia Child… (So I couldn’t resist trying…)


What do we need?

  • canned (peeled) tomatoes or canned tomato pulp (preferably of Italian origin)
  • butter
  • a big onion.


Everything marches in a pot like in the photo. Bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat & let it simmer for at least 45 min.

Discard the onion & add salt & pepper to taste.


For the record:
I didn’t discard the onion, but saved it for some ragout I made 2 days later.


Take some spaghetti, some tomato sauce & some freshly grated parmesan or pecorino…



…something’s missing… for the sake of beauty…



ruby’s eat up & tomato sauce

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Servings: 3-4

ruby’s eat up & tomato sauce

A simple foolproof tomato sauce out of your pantry.


  • 2 cans (800 g) Italian tomato pulp OR canned peeled Italian tomatoes
  • 50 g butter
  • 1 big onion
  • salt & pepper

How to...

  1. Pour the tomato mess in a big pot & crush if necessary.
  2. Add butter.
  3. Peel & half the onion & add to the tomato mess.
  4. Bring the mess to a boil, then reduce heat & let it simmer for about 45 min (lid on).
  5. Add salt & pepper to taste.


You may use some more butter if your like (up to 50% more!) - I reduced the amount of butter compared to the original recipe.

You may add dried Mediterranean herbs (oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary...) to the tomato mess (about 1 tbsp).

You may store the tomato sauce in your fridge for up to 2-3 days.



Now – Ruby’s book:
The subtitle says it all – „A Book about Food, Appetite and Eating what you want“ – it’s about the pleasure & fun of eating.


„I wrote this book as an antidote to all these confused, disjointed approaches to food. I don’t want to tell you what to eat, how, when or where. There is no single „right“ way to eat, and you should be duly suspicious of anyone who tells you there is.”

Ruby Tandoh


Ruby shares her memories about food & eating from her childhood. She revives movie scenes & TV episodes concerned w/ food & eating – no: she doesn’t rely to any cooking or baking shows, but popular movies (like the famous restaurant scene of „Harry and Sally“). She talks about the revival of home cooking & baking related to Nigella Lawson & Mary Berry. There are – as well – critical remarks on popular „superfoods“ & „clean eating“… (you know: all this stuff about eliminating „bread & the like“ or „meat and the like“ or „any cooked food“ from you diet making you happy & thin & healthy while at the same time clearing your mind…).

In a summary it’s an essay about the current status of food, food production, cooking, baking, eating, diets, state of health along food & eating… It’s entertaining & full of information easily to grasp. I really liked reading.



The businesswoman w/ too many office hours thinks

This is a tomato sauce I can do anytime. I only need canned tomato mess, butter & onion. All of them are almost always in my pantry.

I can not only add some salt & pepper to taste, but also add dried herbs like basil, oregano, thyme… to get some more Italian background, or?



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