pre-Xmas in dresden

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The classic German Xmas cake is “Stollen” originating from Dresden in Saxony & known under the registered trademark “Dresdner Christstollen”.

Last weekend my better half & I travelled to Dresden & spent some wonderful days in the classic historic centre. We walked around churches & castles & royal gardens – everywhere were nice, small Xmas markets. The most famous one is the so-called “Striezelmarkt” founded in 1434 – so we enjoyed the 581st market & bought – of course – “Striezel” – a local name for “Stollen”.

Our travel companion led us along Dresden in a 24h tour – NO: we didn’t do it in 24 h!




The pyramid is characteristic for the “Striezelmarkt” near the Cosel Palais & the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady).






Another local specialty we enjoyed on the Xmas market was “Thüringer Rostbratwurst” – a grilled sausage originating from Thuringia – sorry: no photo!

However, some more impressions of the Frauenkirche:







We went underground (the old fortress) & roamed through parks:







The famous “Zwinger” & “Semperoper“:






Finally we arrived near the Hofkirche (catholic cathedral) & the castle. We walked through historic “Grünes Gewölbe” (the classic treasure chamber of the Saxon Royals) & the new exhibition rooms gazing at all the diamonds & jewelry: I was especially impressed by the “Großmoguls Geburtag” a sort of large dollhouse made out of gold & silver, diamonds & colorful jewels…





Our Dresden adventure was accompanied by rather spring-like temperatures of 10-15 °C in December. (When landing the trip I’d envisioned temperatures around 0 °C … & maybe some snow!)

Coming back to the culinary highlights: we enjoyed beer goulash with dumplings, beer out of a microbrewery, a juicy steak with roast potatoes … good Italian cuisine & “Eierschecke” – a typical Saxon 3-layer cake (cake & German cheesecake & vanilla creme)… and again: sorry – no photos.

Honestly, I’ll seriously work on this challenge next holiday.

Coming back to “Stollen”: I admit that I never tried to produce “Stollen” by myself. “Stollen” is a cake made with yeast & butter & lots of raisins, almonds, candied orange & lemon peel… covered with a sugar layer. It’s a very rich cake which can be stored for weeks – if any survives so long. You can buy “Stollen” in very good quality during Xmas time in bakeries & pastry shops.

So what else?

A merry Xmas to everyone & may all your dreams come true in 2016!


Once more our travel companion:






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