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We didn’t start or even made another trip – you know it’s Corona times. It’s a pity.

However, today I like to create a post about doors, entrances, gateways … When cruising Warsaw, Krakow & Wroclaw I took photos – as usual, more photos than you may imagine. I always like to capture details especially when walking in Old Town quarters. Sometimes I’m focused on windows, on balconies, on townhouses … or on doors, entrances and gateways.

So this post will show some of the most finest, the most interesting or even simply ordinary doors I encountered during our strolls.

For the start there is a detail, a lion’s head as a door knocker (see above). I’m always rather intrigued by these old-fashioned details which are missing in modern buildings. (Although I doubt that the door knocker is in active use any longer …)

Same is valid, I think, for the door knockers of the impressive entrance below.



Sometimes there seem to be style mixes – like here where also renovation seems due.

Somehow I think … it’s a mismatch!



Then again the fine golden decor is obviously meticulously cultivated on the next door.



This is really … breathtaking: 2 sturdy heroes bearing the porch roof.



Here is an unsophisticated door …



… and below a grant gateway!



Also a fine masterpiece – obviously for a renovated building.



… and another one with lion heads!



… and here’s an entrance with a splendid balcony (and also lion heads as door knockers).



Some coat of arms above the door …



Same here with small bearers …

(Just try to ignore the car parking in front of the house!)



The gateway to law!



A modern building and a modern door with an obviously historic framing.



Pegasus above the entrance …



This was once the entrance to the stock exchange.



Modern times, modern vehicles, modern transport … you’ll find them all over the cities now.
(… and they can be fast!)



Carefully restored – a door into a museum (as far as I remember!).



This is university’s splendor …



… and finally: another lion’s head!



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