long weekend in a spa near spa

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Last weekend became our long weekend for chilling out, reading, sunbathing, listening to music, swimming, walking (a little!), indulging in spa treatment, steam bathing – and exquisite food (French style): We went to Robertville in Belgium (near Spa) & stayed at the lake aka Le Lac de Robertville!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Especially the weather was brilliant although almost mid of September!


We were lounging all day long & enjoyed the landscape, the weather & our brilliant hotel & wellness spot.
Ok – we walked for about 3 hours along the lakefront:


img_2398 img_2396

… & next day we visited a castle – Burg Reinhardstein aka Schloss Reinhardstein aka Château Reinhardstein aka Burg Metternich – founded in 1354, became a ruin during the 19th century & rebuilt from 1969 until now.




Alongside to our chilling out, the lake views & the spa treatments there is also an exquisite restaurant on the premises.

Sorry: no food photography!
I just didn’t feel it appropriate…

Once again we learnt that a really good breakfast doesn’t need a breakfast buffet of at least 20 m… it’s very fine to have lots of fresh bread & rolls & croissants w/ some homestyle jams, fine butter, some cheeses, some ham etc. & lots of fresh fruit! Eggs were made along to our order (i. e. organic eggs from about half a dozen hens or so roaming a patch near our hotel… and YES: there is a rooster greeting each morning the sun with enthusiasm!).

The restaurant is furnished with minimalistic style & panoramic view of the lake: imagine during the evening a slowly setting sun while you dine! There were only 2 meals (4 courses & 6 courses) – we opted for the 4 course meal. It was French cuisine – delicious French cuisine. (To be honest: I’m generally not a big fan of elaborate courses ending up on big plates w/ drops of liquid around, but this time I was surprised how delicious the courses were combined.) We finishes w/ some assorted local cheeses.

It was a weekend as we had anticipated: last Monday back in town & ready for the week my better half & I felt relaxed & fit full of lovely memories!



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