… (finally) the coastline … the beaches …

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My better half & I made a 4-weeks trip to Mallorca (as you may have guessed by now because of all the Mallorca posts). We are now back since about 3 weeks and getting an Xmas mood – slowly.

Xmas … resp. the Xmas break means for me clearing the blog up, i. e. get through all half-baked posts & photos, finalize … So it’s not astonishing that I posted quite a lot during the last weeks resp. days. (I like to get a clean desk at year’s end …)

For my last post I picked some photos of Mallorca’s coastline & beaches – just to dream on …

What about the weather in Mallorca when living there in October and November?

It was fine: in October we had about 20-25° C, many blue skies & lots of sun. Rain? Yes, but negligible. In November the temperature suddenly dropped to 15-20° C – some blue sky, some sun … Rain? Yes, rich rain showers.

So in October you are fine w/ a short-sleeved shirt & summer trousers while in November it’s better to add a light jumper & slip into jeans – and don’t forget your rain protection.

In these months Mallorca starts getting a ghost island – at least in specific spots. The beaches are empty. Restaurants and shops close down for winter in all the popular tourist spots. Most of the hotels and apartment blocks are also in hibernation mode.

It’s a quiet Mallorca in these spots. Only some locals and some ex-pats populate these small villages, sip their coffees along the beach – and enjoy themselves.

However, you only need to go into Palma or any other city to experience the good life with people and entertainment – even in autumn and winter.

Some days are like endless sun and blue sky …

… sometimes it’s stormy and the sea goes wild.

What to come?

I plan a Xmas break. I think I need some weeks to think about my blog and how to continue in 2022. (Like always it’ll be about how to trim my post, how to set new focuses etc. as well as scrutinizing my technical basis.)

… and – of course – which content to attack next year!

So ahead of me there are some interesting and exciting weeks: let’s surprise ourselves what will be the result!