falling in love w/ hydra

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Our last weekend in Athens – we made a trip to Hydra, one of the Saronic Islands. It was only for the weekend, but it was an experience in relaxing & unwinding, chilling & … frankly: sweet idleness!

Hydra is a harbor is a harbor… a small natural harbor… w/ a sprawling promenade… lots of cafés, restaurants, bars… lots of small shops…

Just take a seat & watch as life goes by!

It was October & the weather was fine: blue sky & a glistening sun. Most of the tourists had already left for other destinations (like home…). There are no cars on Hydra – you have to walk, but distances are short. You may try a ride on a donkey or take a water-taxi for any remote parts of Hydra – if you really need to go there… Life concentrates on Hydra Port.

There are some remains of the glorious military past.

… & there are lots of narrow alleyways to stroll in search of more cafés, bars, shops… Some of the shops are exquisite & offer a lot more than the usual touristy rubbish.

There are churches…

…leading straight to the harbor front…

There is a monastery (i. e. a nunnery) up on the mountain… (We made it only up to here – there’s another monastery (for men) somewhat higher in the mountains.)

From here you have a brilliant overview of the harbor i. e. the island.

When leaving the harbor you may walk along the coast & admire the Aegean Sea. It’s calm & quiet – a great silence around you.

We spent our time w/ some walking, having a late morning coffee, some shopping, having an early afternoon beer – in between watching the harbor life & enjoying the relaxing silence around us.

(You need not planning any big excursions or tours because all objects of interest are within walking distance – just forget about your usual sightseeing marathon & enjoy the simple life of just letting go.)

…now coming to the cats – Hydra’s cats:

Cats are everywhere on Hydra. (I learnt that there are special care programs for the cats – a trademark of Hydra.)

Yes: it was already October & we found some restaurants already closed…

We would like to return to Hydra for a long weekend next year or so. It’s a perfect island to chill out & recharge!


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