“eat like a gilmore”… & drink coffee!

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Gilmore Girls are back!
Along with the new mini-series there is a new cookbook: “Eat Like A Gilmore” (by Kristi Carlson) which I couldn’t resist to order asap…Ever been a Gilmore Girls fan?

Remember the mother-daughter-duo in dreamy Stars Hollow sipping coffee, the Yale adventure w/ lots of caffé lattes, long days in the Dragonfly Inn only to survive w/ more coffee from Sookie’s machine in her sacred kitchen… So we’ve just met one of the main Gilmore Girls themes: COFFEE!



We’re talking about…


How to transform coffee beans in a caffé latte (resp. caffé latte macchiato)? (Keep cool: I don’t dive into the Italian/international coffee universe w/ lots of specifications & sophistries…)

Our Gilmore Girls cookbook starts in chapter #0 with “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee”. We get some recipes (“Luke’s”, “The College Latte”, “Mocca-Chocolate-Toffee-Whirl-A-Chino”…) & the “how to make it” process in 2 versions: Sookie’s & Lorelai’s (of course Lorelai’s process is always more …down-to-earth).

Based on this I looked at my “how to make it” process (especially concerning “latte”) & stated that I’m somehow in the middle: I’ve got a coffee machine producing wonderful basic espresso (just from beans & water!), but I always care for milk & froth manually.


Start w/ an appropriate glass, fill it w/ milk, heat the milk in the microwave, get the milk frother ready for frothing, start the espresso process, froth the milk, add the espresso… & when you’ve set aside some froth for the finish:

That’s it!



For the record:
I never use instant espresso (like Lorelai)!


The milk frother is indispensible (…& so thinks Lorelai!). I use a Caso 1610 Fromini (details & much more here). It’s powered by 2 batteries – so you don’t need an annoying cord nor any plug socket in the right place: you’re independent!

You need not care about overheating or frothing endlessly… just grab the milk frother out of its solid holder, dip it in the milk & press the button, move it up & down – always (!) in the milk – as long as necessary to produce creamy froth. When finished just clean the milk frother under running water.

…then it may rest in its holder until the next frothing action is coming (the sleek milk frother doesn’t need much space!).

In short:

  • fine dense froth (although I used only 1.5% milk!)
  • fast & easy
  • easy to clean
  • hassle-free usage (no cords!)…
  • …the solution for any “businesswoman” (alike Lorelai or whoever) longing for a decent, heart-warming & inspiring “latte” somewhere during the day!

However, be careful:

  • Don’t press the button after having removed the milk frother from the milk!
    (It’s a real mess: splashing & splattering of tiny milk drops all over the place…)
  • Only fill 2/3 of the glass w/ milk (MAX!)!
    (Otherwise the milk will bubble over & ruin everything… the milk brother is really powerful!)

Almost done…


For the record:
Of course my coffee machine has got the ability to produce milk froth… but: it’s a lot of effort necessary to clean its milk frothing equipment. It’s meant for producing several “lattes” etc. per day & cleaned before calling it a day – so far fine. However, if you’re a lonely “latte” connaisseur it’s simply too much effort. Therefore I prefer for my lonely “latte” all day long a manual solution like an independent milk frother (which will also work for 2 or more “lattes” when there are friends around…).


…& it works for “espresso macchiato” as well (when frothing the milk in a separate glass & adding hot milk & milk froth on top of an espresso):

Well… coming back to the cookbook: I talked a lot about chapter #0, but there are some more chapters in the Gilmore Girls cookbook:

  • cocktails
  • pancakes & omelettes
  • muffins
  • burger & sandwiches
  • pasta
  • cookies…

(My list is not exhaustive…)

Where do all these recipes come from? Do you remember Lorelai & Rory cooking? Therefore each recipe is assigned to a source like:

  • Emily
  • Lorelai
  • Luke
  • Rory
  • Sookie
  • specialties from Stars Hollow.

(Lorelai & Rory – of course – only contribute 1 recipe each: this had to be expected – both girls like fast food & take-away too much!)

Each recipe has got a short introduction explaining when & where this dish appeared which is really funny if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan. Most of the recipes are easy to go – I think (I haven’t tested so much until now, but the approach is very down-to-earth – also in Emily’s & Sookie’s parts!)

The author states at the beginning:

“Flour is flour. Sugar is sugar. Butter is butter.”

Don’t make a fuss about ingredients – just take what’s available & conventional… Only if it’s really necessary for the sake of the dish to use a special type of sugar or so then care about it.

Don’t expect lots of exotic dishes or extraordinary new dishes: there’s no dive in experimental cuisine… There’s a Monte Christo Sandwich & a delicious Tuna Sandwich which arn’t mainstream. There are lots of dishes out of American diner cuisine… & lots of muffins, cookies, donuts: as you might expect from Gilmore Girls.

It’s just fun to read for any Gilmore Girls aficionado or aficionado… & I think it’s even more fun to recreate the dishes!


At last:
Gilmore Girls are back!
There is an 8th season (a mini-series of 4 episodes à 90 min)… & it’s 9 years later! Rory is now 32 years old & she’s back in Stars Hollow. Her career as a journalist… well… (Rory is looking for a new career!). Emily’s become a widow… & gets rid of… starts a new life. Lorelai (approaching her 50th birthday now!) is Lorelai… well… Luke & Logan & Paris & Lane & Michel… in short: everybody is bustling around as before. However, some dreams seem to have gone: life is tougher now! (Even Lorelei isn’t everybody’s darling any more…)
Honestly, sometimes in these episodes the avalanche of smart & fast talking, all the esprit, all the wit – it’s too much (my very personal experience & feeling: less is more – sometimes!).
… & there will be a 9th mini-series (be sure!): the very last sentence of the 8th season launches the sequel!



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… & the reliable, easy to use milk frother “Caso Fomini”:


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