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The food we choose to create and eat, the way we set up the room, where it all happens, and the importance we give it in our lifes says a lot about who we are.

Meike Peters 


It’s quite a time ago when I stumbled across Eat in My Kitchen, Meike Peters’ food blog started in 2013. Meike Peters was born in Germany; today her life is centered in Malta as well as Berlin … & her partner is from the USA. So her cooking & baking is a happy mix of rich German meals, Mediterranean vitality & American hands-on cuisine.

So far Meike Peters published 2 books – cookbooks which present light starters, basic dishes, comfort food, hearty meals for get-togethers w/ family & friends as well as some sweet delicacies. In short: if you looking for something … for whatever occasion … you’ll find some ideas in her cookbooks.


Now for a start the books*, which I bought for my personal use:



… & I’m happy w/ these cookbooks!



The main characteristics are:

  • The recipes work as presented in the cookbooks.
    (This seems trivial & self-evident, but I remember many an occasion when this simple matter of course didn’t simply not work …)
  • It’s a recipes’ source for everyday use.
    (Meaning: easy recipes, quick to create dishes …)
  • There’s no need for shopping sprees around your city to lay hands on exotic ingredients.
    (… in general …)

Based on the books I tried some quiche & tart out of the potpourri. Especially her recipe for the pastry shell is excellently working – & a fast solution. I used her recipe for meatloafs & pork roasts in Bavaria beer … It was always a success! (… & I love her sandwich suggestions.)


For the record:
Some recipes you’ll find on my blog always referring to Meike Peters’ blog or her cookbooks, however, some others did go unrecorded …



What is it I like so much?

There is the combination of vegetables & fruit & lettuce leaves into a salad which is ready for dinner. There are simple, but delicious sandwiches ready for lunch or dinner. There are dishes designed for get-togethers w/ friends based on the process: pack all ingredients in a big casserole & let it roast for some hours … (This is of course a little simplified, but I think you get the idea.)

I’m especially happy w/ the ideas for light lunches & light dinners which meet most days’ challenges. Although in Germany it might be a special challenge to lay hands on really ripe tomatoes, really ripe peaches …


Concerning the art of cooking & baking Meike Peters’ cuisine („hearty German comfort food with strong influxes from French and Italian cuisine“) is well presented in both cookbooks. While her 1st book is organized in a traditional way („salads / vegetables / soup / pasta / sandwiches / seafood / meat / savory baking / sweets / preserves“) her new cookbook is themed by a year in its course.

You’ll find for each month resp. each day a recipe. Therefore there is a strong relation to the seasons & seasonal ingredients. An overview of each month shows a number of recipes for soups, salads, meat etc. (Yes – that means that the cookbook contains 365 recipes. Hats off to Meike Peters! It must have been a Herculean task.) Of course there are reruns of basic ideas w/ different ingredients, but this helps when you are just looking for a solution … what to do w/ some leftover vegetables etc.


So: I think you all have noticed that I’m fond of these cookbooks – I think they are some of the best I read recently!


Once again the books*:
(Translations are added for the sake of completeness.)




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