eat everywhere…

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…& eat everything?
Thailand as well as especially Cambodia is (in-)famous for its „delicacies“ like spiders, snakes, insects – marinated & barbecued, skewered…


All of you know… at least you’ve watched a TV show on travel or cooking: these Southeast Asian „delicacies“ involving little creatures praised for their richness in protein – sometimes even predicted as the main food source within the next 50 years or at least during the next century or so!



When roaming Siem Reap we found some stalls offering barbecued spiders & skewered little snakes, roasted insects, scorpions…


For the record:
We didn’t savour any… It was a little too strange for me & my better half!
…& then we were not sooooo hungry that afternoon…



Coming now to real simple food…
As stated: it’s „eat everywhere!“ I don’t remember having seen so many food stalls all over the streets & places as during our stay in Bangkok & Siem Reap. It doesn’t matter if it’s a main traffic road w/ skyscrapers & high-tech office buildings or just an alleyway in s neighborhood w/ wooden housing: always there are some carts & stalls w/ gas powered hot plates & grills, ice boxes, lots of vegetables & meat & fish & rice & noodles accompanied by some tables & benches… People get their breakfast as well as their lunch & dinner – not to mention some late morning breakfast bits or early lunch or some afternoon bits – exactly there: it’s always busy-busy!
…& so it’s everywhere & anytime!


Starting w/ breakfast I developed a preference for fried rice: it’s just plain rice (cooked the day before…) w/ some chopped vegetables & spices & wok-fried. You may add some pork or chicken, but for breakfast it isn’t necessary at all – maybe a soft fried egg on top. There are – of course, more Southeast Asian breakfast options… most of them involving some rice.

Although especially Thailand is known for its very very hot chilis we encountered rather mild dishes than hot & spicy ones. Especially coconut milk combined w/ lemongrass, coriander, ginger, garlic… makes an exquisite basis for curries. Carrots, potatoes, aubergines, peppers, spring onions.. melt in the coconut milk flavored dish together with… fish: fish is especially popular in Siem Reap because of the Tonle lake which is quite near.

A traditional dish is „AMOK“: steamed fish w/ oyster mushrooms & fresh coriander leaves in coconut sauce wrapped in a banana leave – simply delicious! We also had “green mango“ salad w/ carrots & cucumber topped w/ grilled fish… & „Khmer Curry“ w/ potatoes, aubergines, bean sprouts & fish…

Well: fish is everywhere & we enjoyed it!


…& there were lots of delicious fresh fruit like (ripe!) mango, (ripe!) papaya, (ripe!) pineapple, dragon fruit, melon… & small sweet bananas…



Altogether our stay in Bangkok & Siem Reap was a success on the adventurous as well as on the culinary side. I anticipate passionately our next travel to Southeast Asia!


At last:
In Southeast Asia as well as in all countries we visited during the last years there is a common denominator developed to a certain standard & further developing… It’s the Italian impact: everywhere there’s pizza, pasta & espresso!




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