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„Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook has been the reliable, trusted companion of home cooks for many years. But much has changed since it was first published. We lead busier lifes, fulfilling greater dreams. We entertain less formally than in the past, but so much more comfortable, often in the warmth of a cosy kitchen where guests can chat with the cook and enjoy the fun of preparing a meal together. Travel has broadened our horizons, and given us a taste for different foods.

Now, we know what it means to eat well in the modern sense, downplaying butter and sugar and rich sauces, preparing healthier meals using natural ingredients, and letting their flavour and freshness shine through. Fortunately, there is an abundance of good foods available…

This new edition of the book takes account of all the changes while retaining the features that made the original one so special.

from:  Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook


We are – once again, but for the last time now – dealing w/ domestic goddesses.

Today it’s Mary Berry and one of her latest cookbooks* (no German version available):



Well, the book covers everything!

The cover announces that there are more than 650 recipes & that more than 1 million copies are sold. That’s really impressive – in an era where more & more people seem to rely on ready-to-eat products, freezer meals, take-away…



At first let’s start w/ some facts:

Today Mary Berry (*1935) is a food writer and television presenter. She worked in cooking related jobs until she got the chance… Her professional touch comes from the famous French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. Mary is very successful having written more than 75 books about cooking & baking during the last 50 years as well as hosting TV shows.

Her wide-ranging cookbook „Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook“ (published 2017) has about 600 pages – what a volume! It’s an updated edition – the roots lying in the 80s.

The table of contents (systematic & well sorted!)…

  • Hot and chilled soups
  • First courses
  • Eggs and cheese
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Poultry and game
  • Meat dishes
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Pasta, rice, and noodles
  • Vegetables and salads
  • Yeast cookery
  • Pies, tarts, and hot desserts
  • Chilled desserts
  • Cakes and tea breads.

There are lots of photos and there are special knowhow-sections and tips & tricks…


For the record:
I think you noticed that I use a lot of „…“ That’s because of the sheer volume of recipes & information hidden in this book.


In short:
It’s a comprehensive cookbook on modern cooking & baking representing all the trends we experience daily.


Why did I opt for this book?

My series on domestic goddesses focuses on home cooking. I found Julia Child who approached the French cuisine from the viewpoint of a housewife in the 50s & 60s. There is Delia Smith who succeeded in presenting complete cookery courses in her books in the 80s covering the state-of-the-art of home cooking in this decade. Finally there is Nigella Lawson who started to pick up the subject of home cooking with a rather new approach about how to write a cookbook around 2000. Since then almost 20 years have gone… So who is able to present a cookbook for home cooking – now?

I found Mary Berry’s bible.
…and I think it’s a true guide for cooking today covering all the trends, the developments, the innovations etc.


For the record:
Especially for readers of my blog in Germany… The volume of Mary Berry reminds me of the latest edition of „Dr. Oetkers Schulkochbuch“. It’s the same approach with lots of photos, documenting processes etc. However, this German cookbook is „anonymously“ (I mean: there is no explicit person behind the volume!) During my little series I wanted to present the profiles of domestic goddesses who made their own characteristic approach of home cooking.


So – now it’s time to come to an end… and maybe start roaming the cookbooks to try to cook & bake… whatever!

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