brühl’s palaces

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Most of the Sunday was grey, greyish blue at its best. However, it didn’t rain.

So my better half & I decided to make our planned trip to Brühl. (Corona related: Two days before I had phoned the palace office because of booking a time slot for visiting the palaces – w/o being perfectly sure if going on Sunday, depending on the weather.)

At Brühl there are two related palaces – a big one & a small one aka hunting lodge – having become a UNESCO world heritage jewel. We are talking about Augustusburg Palace & Falkenlust Palace from the 18th century. Clemens August, Cologne Elector & Archbishop, had them created as his preferred residence.



The palaces are to be found amid an extended formal garden surrounded by forests & fields, meadows & grasslands. (I think that in the past there was even more forest around the palaces because Clemens August was an avid hunter.)

There is a nice walk of 30-60 min from the main palace to the hunting lodge. It’s about 30 min when walking straight from A to B. When admiring the garden & its intricate design, when taking photos here & there, looking back to the main palace … it’ll be almost an hour.

In the garden …

There are some statues, however, not so many as you might expect comparing Augustusburg w/ contemporary palaces & their gardens.



Some impressions of the elaborate garden (although in autumn) & the fountains.



A view from the palace’s terrace … I think during spring & summer it’ll be even more impressive.



We made a tour inside the palace: no photography allowed!

So what did I remember: there is a gorgeous gatehouse w/ an exquisite staircase & landings. During Clemens August’ s reign visitors arrived here w/ their coaches inside the gatehouse & could leave the coach w/o experiencing the inconveniences of the weather.

The stairs led them through a row of antechambers until finally arriving in the audience hall. Today the rooms are only sparsely furnished. (We especially missed a sumptuous 4-poster bed in Clemens August’s bedchamber.) On the other hand it seemed that the conservators cared at great lengths to restore the original silk tapestries, wooden floors …

It’s a building almost 300 years old … in an inner staircase (part of the servants’ space) several (modern) support columns had been installed to help the roof. On the back of the palace there were extensive restoration works ongoing.



On our way to Falkenlust Palace we captured the rest of summer blossoms.



Falkenlust Palace is a lot smaller than Augustusburg palace. It’s an intimate palace for pleasure, especially the pleasures of hunting w/ falcons which was the favorite pastime activity of Clemens August.



Details at Falkenlust palace show the thrill of the chase … (sorry – somewhat blurry!) …



… as well as the exquisitely decorated face of the palace!



… & good bye!



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