before & after xmas: stollen trifle!

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Based on stollen a light & effortless trifle fits into pre-Xmas, Xmas & after-Xmas times… so if you happen to have some stollen leftovers after Xmas… Enjoy!

The idea for this trifle was created by Bake to the Roots filling dessert bowls w/ a mix of stollen, cooked plums & mascarpone cream. When thinking about our annual pre-Xmas get-together w/ friends & kids it came to my mind to create a big bowl of trifle based on stollen: here & now you’ll find the recipe for a reduced quantity & lots of details on upscaling!

Don’t be afraid – when scrolling down – about the process (which seems rather long!) & the recipe box (which lists many ingredients!) – the trifle is far easier than it appears at 1st glance.

So let’s start w/ the basics…

What do we need?

There are:

  • stollen (of course: it’s a stollen trifle!)
  • morello cherries (canned – it’s winter!)
  • oranges (organic)
  • brown sugar & vanilla sugar
  • red wine & spices (like cinnamon sticks, anise stars, cloves, green cardamom pods)
  • whipping cream
  • …& roasted flaked almonds (for the final decoration!)

Well: there’s also some liqueur involved… let’s talk about this later!

The process starts w/ preparing the red wine for the morello cherries. Everything (red wine, a sliced organic orange, spices) marches in a pot to be heated & boiled & to simmer for about 30 min (minimum) on the stove.

Your kitchen & (maybe also) your entire house will be filling w/ an intense & aromatic Xmas market flavour (aka mulled wine aroma!) during the boiling phase when the oranges change from yellow to red…

Afterwards just strain the red wine & discard all the solids.

In the meantime we’re busy preparing further parts of the trifle.

We start w/ the stollen:

  • There are lots of different stollens (like plain stollen, marzipan stollen, rum stollen, stollen w/ raisins, stollen w/ raisins & candies orange/lemon peel…): you may use whatever you like most resp. whatever is available!
  • Stollen may become rather dry & firm when lounging around for days: for the trifle use rather a soft, crumbly stollen because we aim at a creamy dessert… (if storing a stollen properly in a cake or cookie tin you may avoid any dryness…)

Just slice the stollen in thin slices (try about 5 mm each), break the slices in appropriate pieces & arrange them on the bottom of the bowl which is honored to become the trifle bowl.

Don’t forget to reserve some stollen bits for final decoration.

Drizzle about 1-2 tbsp orange liqueur over the stollen pieces & store it in the fridge.

Afterwards we’ll deal w/ the morello cherries. We grate the zest of an organic orange & press out the juice. Everything (morello cherries, brown sugar, orange juice, orange zest) marches in a bowl to rest together.

(No need to put it in the fridge!)

Last step in this phase:

  • whipping the whipping cream (combined w/ vanilla sugar) into whipped cream!

… & put it in the fridge!

Now about 30 min have gone: the red wine is ready & will be poured over the morello cherry mess (or dump the morello cherry mess into the red wine) & heat it & boil it.

Mix 3-4 tbsp of red wine w/ about 2 tsp starch & pour it in the boiling mess. It should thicken the red wine at once.

For the trifle we need a viscous wine morello cherry mess – like this! (W/o thickening the red wine the stollen will get soggy & ruin our trifle…)

It’s time now to add 1-2 tbsp of almond liqueur to the morello cherries…

Afterwards just fill the morello mess in a bowl & let it cool – completely! This will take about 30-60 min (aka leisure time for us!)

(…& don’t forget to reserve some cherries for the final decoration!)

So far we managed to prepare the elements for our final decoration:

About the roasted flaked almonds:

  • I usually buy a packet of flaked almonds (about 100 – 150 gr).
  • I put the flaked almonds in a pan & heat it.
  • I keep stirring the flaked almonds… stirring…stirring
  • …until the flaked almonds start turning brown.
  • At once I put the roasted flaked almonds on a plate for cooling.
  • As soon as the roasted flaked almonds are at room temperature I store them in a screw top jar for further use. (You can rely on them for several weeks… months…).


As soon as the morello cherry mess has cooled down we can start assembling the trifle.

We start w/ the stollen (incl. orange liqueur) on the bottom & add the cherry mess (incl. almond liqueur).

Then there is the vanilla whipped cream layer!

…finally the decoration: just sprinkle little bits of stollen, some morello cherries, roasted flaked almonds all over the whipped cream…

…& here comes the stollen trifle!



before & after xmas: stollen trifle!

Prep Time: 50 minutes

Servings: 6

before & after xmas: stollen trifle!

Based on stollen a light & effortless trifle fits into pre-Xmas, Xmas & after-Xmas times... so if you happen to have some stollen leftovers after Xmas... Enjoy!


    for the cake layer:
  • about 200 gr stollen (thinly sliced)
  • 1-2 tbsp orange liqueur
  • for the fruity layer:
  • 1/2 bottle (375 ml) red wine (semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 2 star anises
  • 4 cloves
  • 4 green cardamom pods
  • 1 organic orange (sliced)
  • 350 gr morello cherries (canned)
  • zest of an organic orange
  • juice of an organic orange
  • 100-200 gr brown sugar
  • 2 tsp corn/potato starch
  • 1-2 tbsp almond liqueur
  • for the cream layer:
  • 300-350 ml whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp vanilla sugar
  • for decoration:
  • 2 tbsp roasted flaked almonds

How to...

  1. Combine the red wine, the spices & the sliced orange in a pot.
  2. Let it come to a boil & afterwards let it simmer for about 30 min.
  3. Strain the morello cherries & discard the canned water.
  4. Test the morello cherries for any remaining pits & discard them.
  5. Add the brown sugar to the morello cherries as well as the orange zest & the orange juice.
  6. While the red wine is simmering: Break the stollen slices into pieces.
  7. Fill the bottom of a bowl with the stollen pieces; leave some stollen bits for decoration.
  8. Drizzle orange liqueur onto the stollen.
  9. Put the bowl in the fridge.
  10. Whip the whipping cream w/ the vanilla sugar.
  11. Put the whipped cream in the fridge.
  12. After about 30 min of simmering: strain the red wine & discard all solids.
  13. Add the morello cherry mix to the red wine.
  14. Separate 3-4 tbsp red wine & mix w/ the corn/potato starch as soon as it is cold enough.
  15. Let the morello cherry-red wine mess come to a boil.
  16. Add dissolved starch & let it thicken.
  17. Add almond liqueur.
  18. Let it cool (in the fridge) for at least 30-60 min.
  19. For assembling the trifle start w/ the prepared stollen layer.
  20. Add the morello cherry mess on top, but leave some morello cherries for decoration.
  21. Add the whipped cream.
  22. Decorate with bits of stollen & morello cherries & roasted flaked almonds.
  23. Store the trifle in the fridge.


Prep Time: This includes boiling the red wine, preparing the morello cherries, whipping the cream, slicing the stollen... & assembling the trifle. Assumption: While the red wine is simmering most of the other activities are done (except the assembling of the trifle). In addition: Reserve about 30-60 min for cooling the morello cherry mess before assembling the trifle.

Stollen: You may use any stollen you like or just available.

Red wine: You may prepare a whole bottle of the red wine. In this case double the spices... however, for the trifle you'll need only 1/2 bottle! The rest may be used like mulled wine... or for Xmas-inspired cocktails...

Oranges: You'll need 2 oranges altogether. If the oranges are very, very large maybe 1 orange may be sufficient.

Brown sugar: The amount of brown sugar depends on how sweet you prefer your trifle. Keep in mind that the stollen is typically covered w/ a rather thick layer of powdered sugar, that morello cherries are sour, that red wine may be rather dry than sweet (depending on the type!). Therefore you should use something from 100 gr to 200 gr brown sugar: just taste the morello cherry mess... (I used about 125 gr brown sugar).

Whipped cream: It depends how much whipped cream you like.

Roasted flaked almonds: If you happen to be forced to produce roasted flaked almonds add about 10 min to the Prep Time. Just put the flaked almonds in a pan & heat it until starting to brown. Store the roasted flaked almonds in a screw-top jar.

The trifle has to be stored in the fridge. You may prepare the trifle components up to a day before assembling the trifle. The trifle itself may be stored in the fridge for up to 2-3 days.

To enrich the trifle you may use 50% whipping cream & 50% mascarpone for the cream layer.


Now there are some details on the quantities:

  • In the recipe box the quantities are estimated for about up to 6 servings.
    I only use whipped cream in the cream layer so it’s rather light (& you should polish off the dessert rather soon!).
  • If you need more than 6 servings you may work on the cream layer: just replace 50% of the whipping cream by mascarpone & fold the vanilla whipped cream in the mascarpone. This will enrich the trifle & lead to about up to 8 servings. (…& there will be also more time for polishing off!)
    I won’t recommend to replace whipped cream totally by mascarpone because the cream layer will become too firm.
  • For our pre-Xmas event – I mentioned beforehand – I replaced the glass bowl (w/ a capacity of about 1500 ml) with a china bowl (w/ a capacity of about 2500 ml) – so far so good… & I doubled all the ingredients & I used 50% whipped cream & 50% mascarpone for the cream layer: therefore I got about up to 15-16 servings.

The trifle is – always – best from the fridge.

When using whipped cream always use real whipping cream (minimum 30%!) to ensure that the whipped cream stays creamy & doesn’t become runny! (You may add some starch… if you’re unsure…, but it isn’t necessary.)


The businesswoman with too many office hours thinks

I can adjust the dessert according to how many guests I plan to entertain. When preparing the dessert I’ll have a busy phase of about 30-40 min to get everything ready for the assembly. Then there is a break – as long as I like… well: maybe some hours, maybe an overnight break… Then I need some minutes to assemble the trifle… That’s fine for me: I can plan the process & optimize my spare time!


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