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We – my better half & I – went to Athens (Greece) for work & pleasure as well as exploration & enlightenment. Our adventures – we’re dealing now w/ exploration & (maybe) enlightenment – started w/ approaching the Acropolis of Athens, the centre of classic Greece.

„Approach“ means coming near to the Acropolis, walking around the Acropolis… & taking a lot of photos from afar – however, not entering the Acropolis area, climbing any winding footpaths to the top, exploring all the remains of temples etc. i. e. our next trip.

How did we start?

We climbed in a Metro… (yes: Athens has got a brilliant Metro system!)

…& resurfaced (almost) vis-à-vis the Acropolis.

Our very 1st glimpses of the Acropolis (including signs of restorations works):

So we started our tour around the Acropolis hill (based on „The Grand Promenade“ (an offspring of the Olympic Games)).

We had an encounter w/ the Temple of Olympian Zeus (only 15 columns of originally 104 survived). Our travel companion says that it took about 600 years to build the temple – it was pillaged only 200 years later.

From the temple grounds you have a magnificent view of the Acropolis revealing its original nature of being a fortress.

Next encounter we’ve had on our walk was w/ Hadrian’s Arch. (I’m sure all of you are fluent w/ ancient Greek & Roman history, however, just for information: Hadrian was an Roman emperor living in the 2nd century – when Greece was occupied by Romans.)

Also from Hadrian’s Arch there is a view: the Acropolis again & some nearby urban life!


Resuming out stroll along the Acropolis area…

Near the Acropolis main entrance we found a viewpoint: overview of central Athens!

…& when turning around:

(The photo was taken w/ telephoto: so it’s a little blurry – sorry!)

Don’t miss the tourists milling around on the Acropolis!

…& more walking…

Slowly we’re approaching urban life near the Acropolis…


…& we had an encounter w/ Hadrian’s Library:

Suddenly we made a deep dive into Monastiraki:

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It’s a busy quarter w/ narrow alleyways – all along the Acropolis area.

Now another view  – we’ve almost closed the walking circle:

Unfortunately the viewpoint on this side of the Acropolis was closed (I think it’s the one where you may see the sea in the background – what a pity!)

The way was long…

We indulged in sightseeing & history & archeology & ancient Greek mythology – probably sometimes we walked where centuries ago all the famous Greek philosophers had walked for the Acropolis of Athens is one of the birthplaces of our European civilization.

However, finally from ethos (ηθος) to pathos (παθος) to myth(os) (μυθος)…


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