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„What do you want to eat? Close your eyes for a second and just let that question sit with you. What did you pick out? Is it something that you usually eat? Is it something you have rules around? Is it something on your food shit list? You know that place that all ‚bad‘ foods get relegated to, apart from at Christmas time when you’re in full ‚fuck-it‘ mode and they get a free pass but go straight back in the ‚Things I Don’t Eat‘ category on 1 January.
What was the last time you even asked yourself what you’d like instead of what you ‚can‘ or ‚should’ eat?”

from: Laura Thomas “Just Eat It”


Laura Thomas (website) discusses broadly about Intuitive Eating & our ability to have forgotten how to do it. In short: most of the people seem to have a disturbed relationship w/ food & eating – due to our modern culture of beauty, fitness & wellness – and weight-loss programs.

She published a book* about eating & food & dieting & all the modern myths in this corner:



It is a comprehensive publication w/ lots of facts – sometimes the facts are overwhelming in their details. Nevertheless it shows that something went wrong in general during the last decades.

For me it’s an insight as well as a catalyst to ask myself about my relationship to food…

The author proposes a basic truth: Eating is normal meaning nobody „deserves“ to eat. Hunger is normal meaning it shows us a lack of energy. There shall be a balance between fullness & hunger. In general this is the baseline for „Intuitive Eating”.

The following excerpt gives a definition of „Intuitive Eating“:


„…in general that means:
• not having food rules
• not excluding things from your diet (unless you have an allergy/ethical/religious reason)
• not feeling stressed or anxious about food
• not feeling guilty about eating cakes or crisps or other foods you enjoy
• having flexibility in your eating
• enjoying food
• tuning in to your hunger and fullness signals (most of the time)
• eating foods that make you feel energized and well (most of the time).”

from: Laura  Thomas „Just Eat It”


The list points directly to modern eating behavior… & I think nobody is free from the „rules“.

I remember when FAT of any kind was enemy #1. Today it shifts to SUGAR. There have always been diets & weight-loss progams, more diets, more so-called foolproof regimens to get slim & bony in just a month (or so)… Mostly diets work either by reducing the total amount of input including having a list of BAD food – or they work by limiting the input to one of the essential food components. Best example is the limitation to an almost 100% PROTEIN based diet neglecting FAT & CARBS. Of course there are lots of varieties… always w/ glorious names.


For the record:
I tried some of the It-diets whenever popular & promising – w/o any long lasting success. My personal consequence is: try not to eat too much (watch your fullness!) & do sports – any kind… & relax…


As a result all this modern dieting, combined w/ a beauty culture neglecting healthiness in favor of artificial beauty, w/ social media presenting so-called perfect bodies, w/ seemingly effortless sports regimen of hours daily etc., led to a rather disturbed relationship w/ eating.

Laura Thomas defines it like:


„Disordered eating behaviours that may include skipping meals, binge eating, restricting certain food types, or fasting, which represent a deviation from the cultural norm, accompanied by a sense of shame, guilt, or anxiety, or other negative mood state in relation to eating food.”

from: Laura Thomas „Just Eat this”


Crucial is the FEELING!
Nobody needs to feel guilty or ashamed when not able to follow modern diet resp. wellness approaches claiming to hold the last wisdom. The main drivers to develop „disordered eating“ are today’s diet culture, clean eating variations, wellness hypes, the universal remedy of veganism, lifestyle in general – and the role of social media. The author analyses all these phenomena of your daily life thoroughly. The pressure to adjust yourself to any of the hypes seems all over our life – especially when clinging to social media & the endless flow of photos supposedly just taken w/o any stage direction.

Really – it is hard not to develop a guilty conscience when thinking of the (actually forbidden) chocolate cookie you had w/ your classic caffè latte… instead of a non-fat skinny latte w/ nothing… while checking your social media presenting young & fit & skinny women galore.

The counterpoint to this fatal spiral into self-denial is „Intuitive Eating”:


„Intuitive eating is not prescriptive in terms of what, when, or how much you should eat. I don’t want this to become yet another thing we have to do because it’s cool or trendy. Intuitive eating is about you taking charge of your mental and physical health and rejecting dogmatic ideas about health being predicted on your weight or unrealistic beauty standards that were imposed on you before you were even conceived. It will look different on everyone, and that’s OK!”
from: Laura Thomas “Just eat it”


I don’t think that this is a new concept, however, it’s new on the background of public opinion, an opinion controlled by social media presenting us snapshots of  society & people & action that aren’t real – all day long.

The subject of beauty, of catwalk beauties, of people doing handstands on a beach, of plates filled w/ raw greens… is everywhere & it’s so tempting. You just have to do sports endlessly, confine yourself to green smoothies… & voilà: you are part of the wave. However, it’s not real.

The author tries to convince us to return to reality, get a realistic view & love ourselves (more than any social media photo series!).



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