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For quite a long time I followed the food blog From My Dining Table. Along to very impressive photos of Venice there were mouthwatering recipes: some easy (like pasta w/ lemon, some more demanding like … (I didn’t try these!)). When finally the blog owner published a cookbook I decided to lay my hands on it.



So I got a cookbook of about 300 pages w/ lots of Venetian recipes, stories about living & cooking & baking in Venice, lots of photos which make you wish to plan your next holiday in Venice …


For the record:
The blog From My Dining Table is offline since some months, however, it’s still present on the classic social media. The author obviously lived in Venice for long years (aka childhood … blogging phase).


Let’s start w/ the cookbook*, which is available in English as well as in German:



To make it short: the table of contents of the cookbook!



We are very Italian resp. Venetian … & we walk through the day from the minimalistic Italian breakfast – a sweet breakfast – to lunch & how to work w/ the vegetables you’ve bought in the morning in the market place. In the afternoon there is the well known Aperitivo break & finally we end up w/ dinner & desserts.

The author emphasizes that her cookbook isn’t anything like an all-encompassing encyclopedia of Venetian cuisine, but simply a collection of recipes for home cooking. She was brought up w/ these recipes & she lives them each day. The ingredients are not extraordinary – at least not if you are living in Venice resp. Italy. If you live elsewhere in Europe especially more to the north that might cause trouble.



When roaming the cookbook I stumbled about recipes like a Courgette, Bacon and Pecorino Tart or an Orange and Chocolate Ricotta Breakfast Cake about which I made a metal note i. e. which I’d like to try.

In general there are no sophisticated cakes, but more solid cakes w/ a special kick coming from the ingredients. In short these cakes – if for breakfast or for dinner – are true home-made affairs to start or end the day w/ family & friends. I don’t think I should mention that I’m always very, very fond of these simple, but delicious affairs.



This is one of the cookbooks which seduce you to sit down comfortably, start reading & indulging in the photos of food & life & lose any feeling of time. It’s a cookbook for reading giving you ideas what to cook & to bake … soon. Meanwhile dreaming of Venice … & the pleasures of Italien food.



Once again the cookbook*:



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