10 cakes & 15 toppings

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I like to present a new book* about how to bake cake. Simple cake.



At 1st: we are not talking about fancy cakes w/ 3-4 layers of buttercream (or whatever), w/ elaborate decoration (which might take you busy for the whole afternoon)… we talk about simple cakes that anybody may create in a low-key kitchen.



What I like most about the approach:

  • We learn how to create 10 cakes, basic cakes…
  • We learn about 15 different toppings for the basic cakes…
  • We learn how to diversify…
  • We learn how to combine the basic approaches to create delicious specialities…

I started w/ trying the recipes & soon there will be a post about a cake made w/ olive oil… on this blog!

…& unfortunately there is no German translation available so far!



There are 10 cakes – cakes like „Chocolatey Chocolate Cake“, “Very Vanilla Cake“, „Milk and Honey Cake“, „Versatile Coconut Cake“ …

There are 15 toppings like „Beautiful Buttercream“, Cream Cheese Frosting“, „Citrus Syrup“, „Tres Leches“, „Raspberry Curd“…

For each cake there is a recommendation which topping will be fine w/ the cake.

Furthermore for each cake there are suggestions how to diversify the cake itself by using other ingredients as well as some information how to adjust to different baking tins (round pans, rectangular pans, Bundt pans, cupcake pans etc.). For the toppings there are also some notes on additional ingredients.


For the record:
In general you’d get 150 different special cakes out of 10 cakes & 15 topping. Taking into account the different baking tins you may create about 450 – 600 different cake moments…
Well: not all cakes will work fine w/ each topping & not all cake tins are… whatever.


Nevertheless, to let your imagination start working there is another chapter in the book called „Cake-worthy Moments“ where the author assembled 30 special cakes out of the basic reservoir like „Bribery Cake“ w/ lots of chocolate, „Cake for the Working Week“ w/ made yoghurt & topped w/ citrus syrup, „Over the Moon Cake“ w/ milk & honey & vanilla & whipped cream & caramel… (I cannot barely stop!)

I like this book. I like this simple approach. (Of course there are also some chapters about preparations, baking processes, ingredients, measuring…).

The recipes in this book ask you to work w/ the ingredients you find in your pantry, in your fridge or your freezer. Diversifikation appears really simple. Adding a delicious touch is equally simple by working w/ toppings. In reality that’s the road to a simple carefree baking adventure.


Once again the link to the book*:



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