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We don’t count any calories – never.

I’m not a chef – only a nonprofessional managing recipes & food preparation my way to get quick & foolproof results.

All recipes & photos in this food blog are real & stay real.
(We eat everything – maybe except of the most disastrous test results!)

I like vegetables, but I’m no vegetarian.

If you can produce 8 servings instead of 2 (which you need), produce 8 servings & freeze 6 servings for later: it’s efficient – preparation & cleaning time won’t change.

I won’t produce everything from scratch: there are many convenient products available in my trusted foodstore in good quality.

I don’t cook or bake anything that I don’t like to eat or gives me any other discomfort.

You’ll never have enough off time to spend up to 3 days (or more) in your kitchen before a family & friends get-together to prepare lots of food.

If you want to entertain more than 6-8 guests rely on a good catering service.

If you want to entertain about 6-8 guests think hard about offering a buffet – maybe with help of a good deli.

I don’t invent new strange food combinations just to impress.

I’m not afraid to simplify recipes & processes or substitute some ingredients which happen not to be around at the moment.

Weight loss programs are not considered anyhow – however, we don’t use fat/oil & sugar in excess.

Food Shopping: Keep it simple & be flexible – always!
(If you don’t get fresh Italian tomatoes in your trusted foodstore rely on canned Italian tomatoes – instead of raiding 2-3 more foodstores!).

Pantry: Keep it simple & be flexible – always!
(If you don’t find any spaghetti in your kitchen cabinet, use macaroni instead!).

We don’t aim for any award-winning-like recipes.

If your recipe needs an egg, use the egg or separate the egg & use the yolk as well as the egg white – never fuss about leftover egg yolks or leftover egg whites.

Don’t let leftovers clutter your pantry!
(If you need 150 gr cream cheese & the package delivers 175 gr, use 175 gr for your dish – it won’t hurt! However, maybe you’re fond of rolls with cream cheese…).


to be continued


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