one pot pasta tomato – simply!

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It’s pasta time – one pot pasta time (again)!
I tried a very simple, but nevertheless delicious pasta dish: the mother of all Italian pasta dishes. So let’s take:

  • pasta
  • tomatoes
  • some cheese.


Is there anybody out there who never indulged in this mess?

To start w/ our special one pot pasta approach we need a lot of flavorings.

There are:

  • Italian tomatoes (pulp or mashed or even only skinned)
  • Italian tomato purèe (the double concentrated fellow…)
  • dried tomatoes in olive oil
  • dried basil
  • some anchovis
  • some spring onions
  • mozzarella
  • …& spaghetti!


For the record:
You may add fresh garlic and/or fresh/dried chili peppers if you like…


We start w/ chopping & dicing & mixing to get prepared for the one pot pasta moment. Then grab for the pan… & make sure from the very beginning that the pan is large enough for the spaghetti!



1st step: Fry the chopped spring onions, the chopped dried tomatoes & the chopped anchovies in olive oil for 4-5 min.

2nd step: Add the tomato mess, the water & the spaghetti.

3rd step: Bring it to a boil & let it simmer for about 12-15 min until there is a rather thick tomato sauce.



Look at this spaghetti mess!
Isn’t it mouth-watering?


Stop: there’s a last step to reach for excellence… Add the diced mozzarella, stir & let it simmer for 1-2 min until the mozzarella starts melting…






one pot pasta tomato - simply!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Servings: 2-3

one pot pasta tomato - simply!

Another one-pot-pasta dish: now we have mainly tomatoes to merge w/ spaghetti topped at the end by some mozzarella bits. It's one of the simpliest pasta dishes you may imagine - honestly: who doesn’t dream of it?


  • 150 g spaghetti
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 spring onions
  • 3-4 anchovies
  • 3-4 dried tomatoes (in oil) (about 25 g)
  • fresh garlic - optional
  • fresh or dried chili peppers - optional
  • 1 can Italian tomato pulp (about 400 g)
  • 1 can Italian tomato puree (about 70 g)
  • a pinch of sugar
  • 1 tbsp dried basil
  • 1 buffalo mozzarella (about 125 g)
  • 500 ml warm/hot water (from the tap)
  • salt & pepper

How to...

  1. Chop the spring onions, the anchovies & the dried tomatoes.
  2. Dice the mozzarella.
  3. Mix tomato pulp, tomato puree & dried basil.
  4. Start frying the spring onions, dried tomatoes, anchovies in olive oil for about 4-5 min.
  5. Add tomato mix, warm/hot water & spaghetti.
  6. Bring the mess to a boil & let it simmer (altogether about 12-15 min).
  7. Stir continuously to keep the spaghetti from sticking.
  8. Add a pinch of sugar to taste.
  9. Add salt & pepper as well.
  10. Finally add the diced mozzarella, stir once again & let it simmer - only for 1-2 min.
  11. Serve at once.


Spaghetti: I used spaghetti w/ a cooking time of about 8-10 min.

Garlic & chili peppers: If you like you may add a mild or strong garlic note as well as a mild or hot chili feeling. Combine as you like.

Mozzarella: You may substitute grated parmesan or grated pecorino for mozzarella.

If necessary you may store the pasta in the fridge for up to a day. Reheat in the microwave.


It’s delicious! Simply. Delicious.


Anything more waiting to be said?
Well, yes:
Maybe you’ve noted that I always use dried Mediterranean herbs in one pot pasta dishes. First of all it’s winter & fresh Mediterranean herbs are rare & poor (my window sill is empty!)… However, I found that dried herbs cooked together w/ everything else create an intensive aroma which we need for our one pot pasta experiments.
Therefore I recommend to use dried herbs for this type of dish!



The businesswoman w/ too many office hours thinks

I’m still an absolute fan of these pasta dishes… as I stated before. It’s a fast & easy affair achievable for anybody who loves pasta… (I cannot imagine anybody who doesn’t!).




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