merry xmas! (…& a short break in milan)

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Merry Xmas!


We had a brilliant short break in Milan early this week & like to share some impressions together w/ our Season’s Greetings!


…but at first our reliable travel companion*:


“Il Duomo” at night (see above) & „Il Duomo“ in daytime (see below)… & there is this really big Xmas tree!

…& yeahhhh: there was this wonderful clear blue sky each day, this caring & warming sun (about 7/8° C at noon & in the afternoon!)… What an enchanting time (compared to our grey & rainy misery at home…)!

We visited „Il Duomo“ – a real masterpiece (in the morning as well as in the afternoon… outside as well as inside…)!



We made lots of stops in cafés & bars & restaurants… we had sumptuous dinners & great wine… cocktails & the ubiquitous „Spritz” (wine/prosecco w/ Aperol)… Milan is not only the fashion & shopping city, but spoils its guests w/ history & cultural monuments, fine food & pastries…


Because of the fine weather we enjoyed walking the city & finally ended up at „Il Castello Sforzesco“!


…& then there is Leonardo:

…& his „Last Supper“ (w/ touristy activity & w/o touristy activity):

Fortunately somebody cancelled their reservations – so we made the „Last Supper“ tour by only waiting for about 40 min. We made a deep dive into the painting driven by the famous „Da Vinci Code“ & further literary volumes… honestly we think: it’s a woman!


Once again a Xmas tree…

… & Italian ice-cream…
It may be winter, it may be cold – but there’s always Italian ice-cream in lots of cafés in Milan!



Once again our reliable travel companion*:


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