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A food blog dedicated to all people with too many office hours – who nevertheless sometimes like to do some home cooking for themselves, their family & friends.

Thank you for stopping by!!!

I’m Christine living in the Rhineland (Germany). I’m a food lover & a cat lover – addicted to crime & mystery fiction as well as grand movies & binge watching TV shows – above all I cannot survive w/o espresso… and I’m The Businesswoman’s Kitchen.

Over the past decades I spent (too) many hours in my office workspace (as any pre-workaholic!) & had only limited time for food shopping & re-creation of delicious recipes. So I learnt to improvise, to simplify & to use everything currently available in my pantry & in my trusted food store for cooking & baking w/o sticking to recipes literally.

I never got any job training in cookery – it was always just fun & relaxing to do home cooking (vs. restaurant dining or home delivery service). When dirtying my hands in my kitchen to create something mouth-watering – if sweet or savory – I found my balance regarding my (more) virtual working at my monitor in the office.

Well …and I always took pleasure in reading fancy cookbooks during lazy Sunday mornings with coffee & some sweet breakfast in reach! (Believe me – it’s sooo relaxing!)

This food blog will help you how to manage home cooking of delicious meals using a limited variety of ingredients & processing them “quick & dirty” – which proves to be not so easy as it sounds.

I fancy a basic cooking & baking approach with fresh ingredients (depending on availability!) as well as convenient products from my trusted food store – simple & straightforward & foolproof… and I’m still an absolute fan of one-stop-shopping for food!


For the records:
There are daily markets, farmer’s markets, organic markets & whatever… unfortunately – if Wednesday or Thursday morning – I never had time to stroll along booths w/ fresh fruit & vegetables & cheeses because I was sitting at my desk in my office or in a meeting room or participated in a conference call… So I mainly relied on my trusted food store & some small shops nearby.


Concerning my recipes in my food blog you may be sure that you can lay hands on all ingredients in your trusted food store – no need to roam your city or any suburbias for exotic spices or fruits or grains or whatever! …& the trusted food store: I think of a really big, well-assorted food store – no discounter w/ limited resources!


Of course: I had my kitchen stages & addictions:

  • my home-made bread phase
  • my home-made yoghurt phase
  • my cereal/granola phase
  • my home-made pasta phase
  • my home-made chicken/veal/beef/fish/seafood stock phase
  • my wholemeal/whole-grain phase
  • my “we-use-no-fat” phase
  • …and my various weight-loss programs…

Finally I achieved a level beyond all these phases & fashionable trends – as I said before: delicious &  simple & fast & foolproof – always driven by my tight time management. I do w/o any fancy dishes needing half a dozen extraordinary ingredients & lots of hours for preparation in favor of “fresh” comfort food made from the scratch to be enjoyed with family & friends. (I also discovered that there are – more expensive – convenience products w/o lots of chemical stuff we don’t need!)


When roaming my cookbook shelves & my notes (mainly articles with recipes ripped out of magazines & lots of handwritten memos) to prepare myself for launching a food blog, however, I realized that I’d need to do some serious (re)testing & some also serious documentation…

So – now I hit the road along my notes & inspirations, verifying everything again & again, documenting my experiences & failures to make home cooking a little easier & less soul-destroying for any workaholic!


…and always true:

“Done is better than perfect!”

by Sheryl Sandberg



I get a lot of inspiration from my cookbooks & food blogs… & I made some rules about my way of cooking & baking & storing food & processing food…

In my 101 you’ll find all the basics of my kitchen which I don’t like to mention in each post again & again… & in equipment you’ll find some useful & valuable kitchen gadgets.



My better half & I – we love travelling. So since having started my food blog every now & then you’ll stumble across  a post about our travel adventures. There’s also a page filled w/ my travel books.


For the record:
I don’t travel for food i. e. there is no overwhelming food fotography in my travel posts.




Usually I use my iPhone 6s (until May 2017: my iPhone 4) which is reliable & easy to handle or my Olympus E-410 SLR with a 14-42 mm lens (Olympus EZ-1442) resp. a 50 mm lens (Olympus Zuiko Auto-S).

All pictures are taken during my cooking adventures in my kitchen – mostly – at daylight: there is no home made foto studio with any artificial backgrounds, no floodlights, no spotlights, no reflectors.

I’ve piled up a lot of experience in landscape photography (yep: didn’t I mention that I love travelling!) & considered me well-prepared – only to find that it’s one thing to pick a panoramic sunset view of the oceanfront & quite another to compile a mouth-watering lasagna scenery (aka food porn style!). So I’m trying hard to define my style of food photography.

In a nutshell:
All food blog photos are taken by myself & therefore copyrighted. Please don’t use any of my photos w/o written permission!


…& last, but not least:

Visit my blog more & more… murder resp. immer wieder mord! !


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